Deadpool is traveling through space, in a new series of comic books


Deadpool (Source: Reproduction)
Deadpool (Source: Reproduction)

All of the rights to the characters in the universe The X-Men. and The Fantastic Four the Marvel Studios he managed, after a Disney buy Foxyou can bet on it that the rights of the Deadpool they are the ones that the officers of the Marvel Studios they are eager to get back to the The Universe, Cinematic, Marvel Comics.

The mercenary Ryan Reynolds it has already proved a huge success with the public, so your adventure should continue, with a few changes in the USING. In addition to this, they, too, will grow a certain amount of Deadpool in new and exciting ways. And that includes a lot of character!

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Marvel has been able to back the rights of Daredevil

According to the We Got This Coveredin addition to the Deadpool 3Wade Wilson you could also have her own limited series taking place. According to the website, and a series of Deadpool Corps it is being planned. However, in spite of the title of the show you’ll see Deadpool interact with his or her doppelgängers in all of the multiverse. Rather, it should be to borrow the concept from him in the space of the comic, and explore the hijinks the anti-hero in the universe, meeting various heroes and most of the Marvel comics along the way.

There is still no word on exactly which characters they were. But the web site shows that your sources will ensure that the series will be set after the Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3that will most likely extend to the side of the cosmic in the MCU in a big way, with the rumors of a New one, and Adam Warlock, making his debut.

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