Fans of the Marvel comics, they are freaking out with the fake Robert Downey Jr


Fans of the Marvel comics, didn’t know this little known fact of the ” Iron Man 3, and they are reeling from the revelation on Twitter.

Many people were not aware that Robert Downey Jr. I was not really present in the film’s final scenes, which were closed to his history of the soil.

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For those who don’t know, Downey suffered an ankle injury on the set of the film. The production was halted for six weeks while he recovered.

But when the Marvel universe he saw that it would inhibit their ability to release the film on may 3 and they have put another plan into action.

Tony Stark might be in front of the camera, but it’s not Downey standing there, near that cliff.

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Weta Digital’s team of visual effects is responsible for the movie, filmed the scenes, with the help of a body double, and then placed them digitally in the star of the “Iron Man” at the scene.

It was a rather heavy in such a short space of time, but it is absolutely necessary, for the release of the film on the scheduled date.

The revelation has been brought to the surface by a fan on Twitter, and a number of other users are shown to be somewhat surprised at what had happened.

“Did you know that in the whole of the last scene in Iron Man 3, Marvel has made a RDJ on the CGI and has set up a body double, because RDJ was injured during the shooting.”

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“My whole life has been a lie,” he replied to a fan’s post.

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“I’ve never felt so betrayed,” said another.

“Yes, YES, I think about that every time I see him,” wrote a third.

The next film in the Marvel comics coming to the movies it’s the Black Widow, which is scheduled to premiere in October on this.