Film from martin Scorsese, which joins DiCaprio and de Niro on Netflix or Apple TV+


Paramount have refused to finance the next film from Martin Scorsese, due to the value high for the budget, which is posted at $200 million, which may cause the film to be able to work with the services of the internet.

According to the Wall Street Journal, representatives for martin Scorsese to be in talks with both Apple and Netflix. Let us remind you that this is the last produced and handed out on the latest feature-length film of the legendary director of The Irish.

Paramount pictures have agreed to produce the film, entitled “the Killers are one of the Top Two,” before referred to, of the new coronavirus. However, due to the economic impact of the crisis, the studio reconsidered, and allowed the representatives of the director negociassem with other studios.

Killers in the Flower Moon, is inspired by the novel of the same name, released by David Grann in the fall of 2017. The story takes place in the 1920’s, when a number of members of the nation’s native american Osage had been killed. This will be added to Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert de Niro, and it will be the first time that the trio will work together.

De Niro and Scorsese worked on The Raging Bull (Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, King of Comedy The King of Comedy), and The Irishman (The Irishman). Already, DiCaprio starred in The Aviator, The Aviator, Gangs of New York Gangs of New York, The Wolf of Wall Street The-Wolf-of-Wall-Street-and-The-Departed – Among the Enemy, where martin Scorsese won his only Oscar.

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