Flay, on the “great day”, it talks about the allegations of rape against Philip the Priest – Video)


The singer, Gunnar, deleted, recently, for the “WEEK 20”, holds true when you is also eliminated, Felipe and the Priest. He is facing allegations of rape and attempted rape, since he left the reality show. The revelation of this case has been made out by the magazine Marie Claire and is shocked the show’s fans. But, Gunnar is keen to point out that, “until proven guilty, he is innocent.”

(Foto: Gshow)

On Twitter, the singer said to Her. “Just thank God every day for giving me enough time to see, your heart is beautiful and I admire you for your light, in humility and in joy,” he wrote, “and do you remember who you used to be my shelter? I believe in you.” The two met last week in person.

Flay’s attention was drawn by several followers and even fans. They said, yes, this the same, she is impossible to talk of the alleged victims, all women. “I’m not disqualifying. Really,” defended the singer: “the problem is that everyone in the world turns his face to him, and to the letters before the ending out of fear that they will talk to each other. I’m not going to attack you first of all to be set up. But no one is forced to think about it as I am.” Flay also said that, in the case where the allegations, if prove, it will be a great disappointment to her.

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