Hacker ethic is able to circumvent the vote of the vote of the WEEK


At the time of the pandemic, the Big Brother Brasil it became one of the most-watched TV broadcast of the brazilian, moving their discussions into the social networks and fans for the win or for the cancellation of the participant. And now, the hacker ethic, Gabriel Pato is said to have discovered a way to cheat the system and vote for the game on competition, to be able to virtually manipulate the results using a bot to act in succession either for or against one of the confined spaces.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, and taken out of the air, and in the name of the Organizations in the world, the specialist demonstrates how to act in the protection against the votes are automated in the The BBB and in that way he was able to overcome these barriers. Basically, there are two systems on the asset, here: the one hashcash, which asks for a test of the work on the computer, in order to validate a vote, and that is the approach that diferenciaria the human from the machine, from a choice of different designs.

The first obstacle came up during the design of a robot is simple, just try to vote kick option is right however, one of the five options are being sought — with a 20% chance of success. In the meantime, the hashcash gets in the way as a proof-of-work, causing the browser to perform a processing for increasing to the extent that failed attempts to the vote taking place. The higher the error rate, the greater the need for verification.

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It is a technology that is similar to the one used for the mining of criptomoedas, by using computational power as a way to validate the calculations. In the same way that the more currencies there are, the greater the need for processing, and the protection of the wall of the Big Brother Brasil it is related to the errors on the captcha, to the point that, from a certain point in time, the time required for a scan is greater than the length of the session to vote to invalidate completely the attempts of automated of this type. The method is similar to a denial-of-service, that is done on the computer and causing a crash of the browser, or by consuming all of the resources in the system,” says the hacker in the video.

But then it was followed by a second, trying to simulate the human behavior in the face of the check, however, and it was there that he was successful in that regard. Using a systems-of-artificial-intelligence-and-analysis-of-images, he was able to recognize the figures as requested by the system, the approach, and identifying images that are similar to them among the display.

Gabriel Pato, he was able to overcome the barriers to the captcha and hashcash by creating a bot able to vote in successive times nominated for eviction in the Big Brother Brazil (Picture: Handout/Gabriel-Duck)

It was not so easy, because of the Big Brother Brasil it has hundreds of applications to your users, and more than 50 thousand, the figures on the system are displayed in a random order, again, to frustrate the use of automated systems. Even so, since a huge volume under review, he has been able to create a system that would recognize the captcha correctly in order to avoid errors that would lead to the necessity of processing for the sake of the hashcash, he has developed a bot that is asking for a new set of figures, if the robot does not have 100% certainty about the choice.

Pato has shown that, in practice, the use of the bot, and was able to vote in a row on the wall over a period of about an hour-and-a-half hours. After that, however, he is still a third hurdle, as the world began to block out the volume of the successive requests from the same IP. The hacker took the view that the vows made were to change the course of the game, but it has quoted a potential of further exploration with the use of the proxies, or the platforms that they sell to the IPs with a good reputation, in order to use it in tasks as well. An alternative, that is, on the other hand, would require the payment of the services under this category, but it can certainly be done.


Less than 24 hours after the release, the video for Gabriel, the Duck was taken off the air, at the request of the Organizations in the world (Image: Play/Felipe Demartini)

In the video, the Duck describes it as a ripping off of the voting system in the Big Brother Brasil went up in the air at the start of the Thursday night (the 16th) and stayed on the air for at least 24 hours. The message displayed by YouTube to all the users who are attempting to gain access to the material, indicating that the withdrawal came at the request of the Organizations in the Globe, and on the basis of copyright.

Is in contact with the CanaltechHe said that he does not communicate with the station in advance on the method that is shown on their channel. “This is not a vulnerability in the system. It is understood that the station knows him, and he did a job for the forecast of risk for the project,” he said, claiming to not yet have committed any criminal offence.

The same is also true for YouTube, you are responsible for abiding by the request of the Globe, for the removal of the content from the site. On this, the hacker ethic says that this type of event is common, and it is waiting for a review of the case on the part of the platform.

The Canaltech also, got in touch with the world, and that he chose not to position themselves on the issue at this time. Most recently, the spine of the world Feltrimthe broadcaster dismissed the suspicions of manipulation in the wall, which reached to the mark of 1.5 billion votes cast, the largest in the history of the The BBB. At the time, she said that she had security teams that are dedicated to prevent this type of occurrence, and also with the external auditors to ensure the integrity of the vote.