Here are the 15 best films, a romantic classic to watch


Novel: Here are the 15 best films, a romantic classic to watch
Novel: Here are the 15 best films, a romantic classic to watch you Play

Novel: Here are the 15 best films, a romantic classic to watch. There is no one who can resist a good love story. From classic and dramatic to comedy to adolescents, check out a list of the best films of the novel to watch it, and marvel. All of the titles that are on Netflix for you to watch right now!

1.The Great Gatsby (2013)

Inspired by the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby is a film with a novel, unique and full of glamour. The narrative takes place in the 20’s, a decade known for excess, and for the high holidays. The director, Baz luhrmann film, the film has a soundtrack of remarkable and wardrobe to envy!

2. As I Was to You (2016)

Also, based on the best-selling book, As I had been Prior to You, it’s a romance film that tells the story of Louisa Clark, a girl, playful and a dreamer, has been hired to take care of Her, a young woman who has had her life transformed after a freak accident. This is a movie you want to cry, with a story full of surprises and excitement!

3. The Moonlight In the Light of the Moon (2017)

Highly acclaimed by critics and winner of the academy award for best picture, the Moonlight is a romance film and a drama, a sensitive story of the life stages of the Chiron.

The film deals with issues of race and sexuality, by overcoming any of the cliche’s from the script’s fantastic and the direction is impeccable.

4. Diary of A Passion (2004)

Diary of A Passion that could not be left out of this list. After all, this is a movie of a classic novel. Based on the book by Nicholas Sparks, the production is everything that romantic love encounters and unexpected first love, and the choices that are both challenging and a story full of emotion.

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5. Eternal sunshine of the spotless Mind (2004)

If you are looking for a romance movie, it can be miss Eternal sunshine of the spotless Mind. Joel and Clementine seemed to be the perfect couple, but after a misunderstanding, and years of trying to make the relationship work,

Clementine undergoes a program that will erase all of the memories that she had with Joel. Nothing is cliche, the film has a bit of sci-fi, drama, and lots of excitement!

6. Carol (2016)

Set in a charming of New York city in the 1950’s, the Carol tells the story of a love affair between a young woman Therese and Carol, an elegant woman who is getting divorced. Critical success, the film delights diverse audiences with a production of amazing, and the narrative engaging.

7. La-La-Land: Singing The Seasons (2017)

La-La Land ” is a film that will make you feel like everything is at the same time. The musical, which stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, tells the story of Mia and Sebastian, the two artists who fall in love in Los Angeles. Moderninho, and is full of references to music and film, and the film is going to make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with!

8. Mamma Mia (2008)

Loaded with hits of the band Abba, Mamma Mia is a musical, fun, and full of love for her. Set in Greece, the film tells the story of Sophie, who is getting married and wants her father to be with you at the altar.

She didn’t know about it, but after reading the diary of his mother, he knows that there are three possibilities: Sam, Bill or Harry. Sophie invites all three to the wedding, and these introductions will change the lives of everyone.

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9. The Proposal (2009)

Starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, The Proposal is everything that a good movie than a romantic comedy calls for it. To avoid deportation, and she pretends that she and her personal assistant, We are going to get married. So, spend a few days with his family, and the feelings of the two, if they make it so much more real than just a make-believe.

10. My Best Might (To 2019)

My best, Perhaps it’s a romantic comedy with a classic formula, but a whole lot of fun! Marcus and Her were childhood friends, but they ended up splitting up and meeting again after a year, when you lead different styles of life quite the opposite.

So, it is a film that is light weight, allowing you to hilarious, Randall Park and Ali Wong, plus a share engraçadíssima of Keanu Reeves.

11. Today, I Want To Go Back Alone (2014)

Today, I Want to go Back Alone, it’s a national film of the teenage romance that tells the story of Leo, a boy in the blind that is seeking independence.

Thus, the film introduces the various conflicts that we live in the age of the school, such as the heart, from the characters to the well-built, and easy to relate to.

12. 10 Things I Hate about You (1999)

A classic from the 90’s, 10 Things I Hate about You is a romantic comedy film that marked a generation of millennial. In this way, the film is a modern adaptation of the play, The Shrew Tamed, Shakespeare’s, and it has a powerful scene Heath Ledger cantando Can’t Take My Eyes Off You ” to Kat in the stadium. Do you need more reasons to watch?

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13. As If for the First Time (2004)

Starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, As If for the First Time, is a film that is light and full of love for her. So, after the accident, Lucy suffers from a loss of recent memory, one that makes you forget all the moments that happened during the day. So, henry, who has a passion for it, you may need to retake it every day again and again.

14. Book Of Love (2004)

If you are a fan of unexpected encounters, and the various stories in the novel, you can’t help but see Just Talking. Then, the film has a cast of well-renowned, it tells the story of different couples that have their lives transformed by his love. So, this is the one movie of the end of the year that makes the heart warm!

15. Comings and goings of Love (2010)

Following is the formula of Love actually, just going Back and forth on the Love goes on on Valentine’s Day, and it shows how different couples celebrate the date. With a cast full of celebrities, this is one movie to enjoy watching it!

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