Jennifer Aniston wears the same one in cream for the face is accessible from your teenage years


Jennifer Aniston here’s a secret, simple, and affordable enough to keep your skin young and glowing.

The actress, who is 50 years old, he knows a thing or two about the beauty world. After all, we are talking about a woman who has convinced an entire generation to cut their hair in layers desgrenhadas to re-create the famous “the Rachel,” a cut inspired by her character on “Friends”.

In a statement to the magazine, “Glamour”, the star, has revealed that the use of the same product as the lotion to your face since her teenage years: the day cream of Aveeno. “I’m a creature of habit. It’s consistent, and it never fails me,” he stated in November last year.

In an interview last October, 2019 at the latest, Aniston explained to the “InStyle,” which was his mother, who advised her to start moisturizing your skin, when she was 15 in the spring. Although this is a step that is part of their routine care, since he has a repentance that is the beauty of having started off with the use of sunscreen earlier than that. Praise him for the good genes, in order to compensate for the fatigue. “At the age of 98 years, my grandmother had skin incredibly soft, and beautiful, and she just put olive oil on the body,” it revealed.

The cream face is a favourite of Jennifer Aniston’s that is not available in the Uk, but you can find it on Amazon at a price of 24 euros, plus the shipping costs.

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