Kanye West announced live on the Sunday morning Service for Easter


About a year ago, Kanye West, and the first Sunday Service took place in a special worship service of Easter, during the Coachella music festival. Right now, they are making a live-streaming once again.

It’s been nearly a year since Kanye West, the Sunday Service and took over the Coachella music festival on Easter Sunday. Unfortunately, for many people, the mass, or the worship of Easter, it is probably not an option due to the multi-coronavirus. For fans of Kanye west, or any of that, just enjoy the start of the song, in the gospel, in the Sunday morning Service will still be at Easter time, but they are still adopting the practice of social distancing.

According to Page Six, Kanye West joined by pastor-Rich-Wilkerson-Jr. at the end of this week for a virtual edition of the Sunday morning Service on Easter Sunday morning. Pastor Wilkerson, Jr. he told the publication that the artist and his choir have recorded a presentation for your Church, one or two bedrooms. The story of Wilkerson will be live-streamed via Facebook and YouTube, in addition to the web site of the DATE, starting from 8 am, with a translation into Spanish, is available at 11 am.

This announcement was made after He had revealed that he would be coming out of the worship service Easter Sunday morning in Osteen. He had planned to bring in 100 members in the choir to show up wearing masks and holding a meter-and-a-half away from each other. Clearly, He realized that it was not necessarily safe, and gave it up.

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He also had a plan b, after all. After all this is over, He’ll be back on the road, bringing the word of the Lord to the masses with the choir Sunday morning Service.