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The whole world knows that Kanye West is a trumpista of the book, is The husband of Kim Kardashian has made it a point to make that very clear whenever you have the chance to do that. But what no one imagined is that the motive behind the support for is declared by the the song to Donald Trump in the upcoming elections of 2016, and kept it a secret up until now, it has to do with the fact that it’s not exactly the most altruistic. As West explained in an interview with GQ, the american who only voted for the current president of the United States for almost four years, and who you want to vote for him again in the elections in November because I always saw it on the republicans for someone more capable to do his / her portfolio of real estate investments grow.

“I see, and seeing in the real estate and the real estate market in the u.s. is performing better now than it did when it [Barack] Obama is the president,” said the star of the hip-hop culture. West has also said that his apparent flair for the real estate that is not something that is learned in schools, places where children are taught only to become the property of the other,” he said. In the end, the husband of Kim Kardashian has concluded that it has decided to side with Trump, because it won’t admit to listen to “white people” telling you who you should go to cast their votes.

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Hype aside, the truth is that the real estate market in the U.S. is not going very well prior to the crisis, caused by a new coronavirus, and got even worse after it. Your very own Trump was$ 1 billion (Us$ 5,26 billion) to the less rich, from which the World Health Organization declared a pandemic of the Covid-19. That being said, the founder of the Yeezy it could even be “that guy”, but he lacked cunning to persuade a woman to follow her example and go to the #Trump2020 this year as well: recently, Kardashian has announced that it will not support any candidate for the White House in the year 2020, in spite of having an order fulfilled by the tenant of the residence of an official in her campaign for the release of a grandmother sentenced to life in prison for a petty crime. (For The Anderson’s Market)