Kardashians celebrate Kourtney’s your birthday


Kourtney Kardashian you are celebrating the birthday of a 41-year-old on Saturday, the 18th. It is not clear if the arians had planned something special for the day, especially if we take into account the growing pandemic of coronaviruses, and the lack of contact and social. However, this does not mean that she will not be able to celebrate the day.

In fact, it has already started! Her family has posted several tributes through social media.

Happy birthday to my beautiful Kourtney Kardashian! In life, I would have to find a way for you to have forever! I can not imagine my life without you and I would ever want to see thisit, ” said Khloé posting a collage of photos.

You and I have a bond incredible that can never be broken, and Yes, you’re not going to get away from me!). You’re my best friend, and it’s one of the few people that I can count on“he said to her. “I know so many people who go through life without having a sister as a best friend. This, to me, a part of the heart. Thank God I was blessed with a sister, the most amazing you could ever ask for“.

Khloé has praised even more, Kourtney, about their lives, it would be “boring“without her in it.

Honestly, without you, my life would be boring, but not so thorough and I always feel that I’m missing out on somethingit, ” she said.

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Today, and everyday, I pray that his soul will be full of love. I’ll pray for your happiness. You are the only worth things are magical! In a lot of other people’s lives that have passed, and many of the others that are going to come to you, I love you! You have the happiest day! Jane, I love you!“.

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For all of the time, She“said Kourt.

Kris Jenner he also gave kudos to her first child, a daughter.

Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter, Kourtney! I love your enthusiasm for life and the way that you love your children and to all of you around… thank you for teaching us to stop and smell the roses“she said it by posting a photo of her daughter.

She added: “You are a great daughter, sister, friend, and mother, and I’m so blessed that God has chosen me to be their mother. I love you so much, my beautiful girl“.

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In spite of the argument recently in the Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian posted as a tribute to the birthday of her sister.

Happy birthday to you, Kourtney. I had to find out some very nice pictures to celebrate you today!! I remember those times as if it were yesterday“she said the photos of the old ones. “I love your strength, do what makes your soul happy in the love that you have for your children, and the fact that it’s my older sister. I couldn’t be more thankful for our memories together“.

She added: “I love you so much and I can’t wait for it all to end so that we can see it“.

Happy birthday to my partner in adventure“he wrote Kendall Jenner in the Instagram Stories. “I love you, pequeninha“.

It’s only a matter of time before the birthday boy or girl to share our plans for the big day.

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