Kim Kardashian has praised Her after a live singer on the TELEVISION


It seems that peace can be installed in one plot in the world famous. Kim Kardashian has stunned her fans and followers, to praise publicly, the singer Beyoncé on Thursday (the 17th).

The pop diva took part in a live-in organised by the radio station of the north-american ABC, as a tribute to the health workers working during a pandemic, the coronavirus. She sang the song When You Wish Upon a Star, that’s famous for being in the present, in the animated Pinocchio (1940).

“Beyoncé has a beautiful voice,” wrote the socialite on Twitter along with the hashtag #disneysingalong (Disney’s sing-along, in a free translation).

The compliment caught the attention because the wife of Kanye West and his wife-of-Jay-Z-was, apparently, cut off for years, as a result of the tension between her two husbands. The struggle of two couples came up to the crowd as Beyoncé and Jay Z missed the wedding of friends, in the course of 2014.

Before the show, the mother of Blue Ivy also said, “I would like to dedicate this song to all the health care professionals are working tirelessly for our safety and health.”