Leonardo DiCaprio stands out in the movies, on TV this Saturday


This Saturday (the 18th), one of the highlights of the film for the TV that is the design that is given to the Leonardo DiCaprio the Oscar the Best Actor In A: On The Return Journey. The film will be shown in the FXat 19h20.

The story brings about a bounty hunter in an intense story of survival. With a lot of reflections of life, he has to save after she suffered an attack of a bear.

With a tone more mild, to the nature, you will also get the telinhas as The Jungle Book – The Boy In The Wolf. The film Disney it is part of the programming of the 21h58 of the AND.

The output is a the story in the animated classic, which tells of a boy who has been raised in the jungle by wolves. He is looking to get to know who you really are, but to counter internal and external threats come in the way.

Here are some other movies on TV this Saturday (the 18th):

Agent 86 (2008) – HBO Family | 18h07

In the film adaptation of the TV series, the classic brings a lot of humor in the fight against agent Max Smart (Steve Carell), the trade union of the crime.

Simply Complicated – the Sony | -18: 15

A love triangle that is formed by Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. One of the reasons for the team’s weight to cause a lot of laughter, it’s the fact that the character for Streep to be the ex-wife of Baldwin) in the series.

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X-men: Phoenix-Dark – Movies-Premium | 22h

The long account once again, the classic story of the transformation of Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) in the entity, the Phoenix. Professor Xavier (James Mcavoy) and his team of mutants (you also have to deal with an alien threat.

O Auto Da Compadecida – Channel-Brazil-22h25

The national classic is based on the work of Ariano Suassuna, brings the pair to the wild, John Grilo (Matheus Nachtergaele) and Chicó (Selton Mello), deceiving the rich.

As If it Were A First-Time – Warner-Channel | 22: 30

The story shows well what you need to conquer your love… every day. The reason for this is the character of Drew Barrymore suffered from loss of memory.