Lisa Kudrow, a sweetheart, a Warlock, and he suffered a lot during the filming of Friends


It is almost impossible to hold a good laugh with Phoebe Buffay for the animated episodes Friendsbut in spite of the develop a great and memorable scenes, totally hilarious, very few people know that the actress is Lisa Kudrow he suffered a lot during the recording of the series.

During an episode of the podcast WTF with Marc Maronshe opened her heart to reveal a few of their suffering while living Phoebe. She told me that during the recording process was challenging to work with on the side of the Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), and Courteney Cox (Monica), and the women aesthetically as they followed the standards of the day.

Unfortunately Lisa if you compare it with the other two ones, looking at the size of his bones, and, consequently, the feeling of a “woman-mountain”, as she puts it.

“Do you see yourself on tv and you think ‘oh my God, I am a woman, a mountain,’” said the artist, and went on.“It seems that my bones are bigger. I just felt like I was on a mountain, compared with that of the people around you.

If that’s the problem with self-esteem, it was a battle for her, it just was when I needed to lose weight in order to maintain the aesthetics of the character, the lean body was the source of the praise, but only a few knew of it was sick of being skinny.

Unfortunately, if you are a woman and you’re underweight, you’re beautiful, and they were just the responses that I have received,” said Kudrow. She said that at the time suffered from the cold and the sinus inflammation all of the time.

With power supply deregulated, the actress was on the health of vulnerable and living with the flu and sinusitis, or it may be, has recorded many of the episodes of pain. In the minds of the people at that time, it was acceptable to be sick, as long as it is thin, and it irritated her.

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Lisa Kudrow don’t watch more of the episodes of the series to keep her health stable, she would prefer to avoid to re-live the moments of sad that you have had during the recordings and did not re-enable the triggers that will harm on her struggle with self-acceptance.

“I didn’t watch it when it’s moving,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t like to see me, so I’d rather not take that chance.”

In spite of these findings, the actress said that she loved to participate in the Friends and he has a great affection for the entire cast.

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