Márcio Garcia is a super birthday party canceled, and the ruling


Mark Garcia turns 50 today. (Photo: Handout)
Mark Garcia turns 50 today. (Photo: Handout)

Márcio Garcia is celebrating her birthday with her on Friday for a super party

Marcio Garcia” a full 50 years old this Friday (the 17th). A curious detail is that he is celebrating his birthday on the same day as that of her daughter, Anna, who is 15 years old.

The idea is for the presenter on the Size of the Family, in the world, it was to make a super birthday party, but due to the multi-coronavirus, which leads to the social isolation of the family, he had to give up on this idea, and to cancel the celebration.

“On Friday, January 17th, a full 50 years! On the same day as my daughter, Nina, is 15. Our idea was to create a super-party, but… God, I wanted a different,” wrote Mark Garcia is the caption of an image, in that pose, along with his wife Andrea Santa Rosa Garcia, and their four children.

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“At the age of 35 years, I have gained the gift of my soul-mate, Andrea Santa Rosa Garcia, in a normal delivery. Fifteen years and two children later,I realize how much God has been generous to me in the half-century of life. Four children and a marriage, and that this year turns 20 years old! I don’t have anything to ask of you. Just to say thank you,” she said.

What I ask God in my prayer daily is that it helps us to understand the true meaning of the word in the european union. That is, we humans understand very definitely that we are all responsible for each other. And, let’s be more careful and more grateful in the world, which provides us with everything we need to live by. Thank you so much oh my God! Is the photo was taken at the christening of John, celebrated by our dear Father’s”, finished by Márcio Garcia.


Success of the website, Mark Garcia, he was ready to start the recordings of the fifth of the Size of the Family. However, due to the pandemic, and the Sunday also, he has suspended for an indefinite period, and that the channel of the carioca is to bet on the reruns of that program soon.

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It is worth noting that the Globe, the company suspended the production of all of its entertainment programs, with the exception of the BBB20, that is, until he was stretched out.