Mariah Carey pays tribute to those health care professionals, with their music video for “Hero”

mariah carey
The american singer Mariah Carey (PHOTO: Playback)

This Friday (the 10th), Mariah Carey has released on his official channel on youtube, an amateur video singing her hit song in 1993, “Hero”. The reason for this was so far beyond just posting a video singing it, but to pay tribute to those health care professionals who are on the front lines of the fight against the coronavirus, in addition to others the following work during the years.

The singer has mentioned the medical doctors, nurses, attendants, janitors, cashiers, delivery staff, and pharmacists in the description of the video, drawing attention to the sacrifice and courage of those who work every day to take care of their communities.”

Here’s the video for Mariah Carey:

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It is important to emphasize that the scenario of the entertainment, it is one of the most affected because of the pandemic. Concerts, conferences, film festivals have been postponed and some even cancelled. The producers of the event say that it will be the last ones to get back on their feet after they pass the quarantine.