Mega, live, benefit, Lady Gaga goes on TV, and you can 18/04/2020 – Illustrated


One World: Together, at Home, and the festival has been organised by the NGO-the Global Citizen honors those health care professionals, and to raise funds for the fight against Covid-19. Under the guardianship of Lady Gaga, it’s end of the world if you are in your own home. Here, in Brasil, the event can be seen on the basis of 15 in the Amazon, Prime Video. To 16, also at the post-mortem takes place (on TV and on YouTube), and the Globoplay (even for non-subscribers). On MTV, Comedy Central, Paramount, AND Sony, to 21 o’clock. On E!, the half of the night. At 0h44 on the Globe, with the presence of James Leifert.

The Lives of Artists in brazil

Two presentations at the concurrent vying for the title of the first live, multi-platform in Brazil. “She is in the House”, with the She Sangaloit will be presented on the basis of 21h37 by Globo, Multishow, Globoplay (with a free-to-air) channels in the post-mortem takes place, and the singer in the YouTube video. They have “#IssoÉChurrascoLive, with the duo Fernando & Sorocaba, it will be displayed while the Record, through the channel of the tv station on YouTube, on Facebook, and on Instagram, by the web portal R7, through the channel 500 in the Course of the TV and the channel of the artists of the video on YouTube.

X-Men: Phoenix-Black / Black

Like when Jean Grey turned into the Phoenix of the Dark? Is that this the new film in the franchise, with Sophie Turner (“Game of Thrones”) in the title role. From 11, the channel promote the marathon with all the movies of X-Men.

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Telecine Premium, 22h, 12 years old

Spider-man: Far from Home

The second movie from Tom Holland as the hero alien in the Marvel comics brings a spectacular scenes recorded in Venice. Please note: to avoid spoilers, it’s good to see “the Avengers – the Infinite War,” which is available in the context of video-on-demand.

HBO, 22h, 10-year

Magazine-Arte1-The New York Times

At the premiere of the third season of the program, which covers cultural life in New York city, and the main issue is the advancement of the international entertainment industry in South Korea. The show is the Marina Person.

1 art, 21: 30, free

Remember IT’s + TV Shows Over Brazil

The radio station pays tribute to Moraes Moreira, this Saturday (the 18th). At 20: 30, the “to Remember this IS TV and TV brings out the artist in the program, “you have to Sing at TVE of Rio de Janeiro, was recorded in 1978. At 22: 30, the band “performances in Brazil will show in the show ‘ 50’s Carnival” in 1998.

TV canada, 20: 30 and 22: 30, free

Movies and tv shows about Football

– “Everything or Nothing: the Brazilian national team” (Amazon Prime Video), and 18 years of age)
Mini-series about the struggles and the glories of the national team the brazilian team.

– “Save from keylor navas Navas, Man of Faith” (Series 14)
The story of the boy who became a goalkeeper at Real Madrid.

“I Am Brazilian” (10 years old)
Daniel, the Rock star of this film is available to subscribers of the Channel, in Brazil.

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“The Story of a Dream, and All the Houses of the President” (free).
A documentary about the Corinthians, that can be joined together in the Now.