Naomi Campbell launches a talk show the day-to-day personalities from the fashion


Ever since it appeared on the runway, at the end of the decade of the 1980s, Naomi Campbell, hasn’t stopped since. On the verge of completing 50 years in the top model it makes appearances in fashion shows, posing for magazine covers, and charms the world with her beauty and personality and character. Today, in addition to leading the various projects of the charity, and activism in the uk was still in its hotly-contested calendar with guest lectures, appearances on TV shows, and a Youtube channel. However, at the time of isolation, social life, and she was able to get a little extra touch to a project: the talk show online with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.

Come with me and check out this new feature!

It’s been a while that Naomi Campbell’s dreams of having a the talk show. In April 2015, is a model that we would do a program of in-depth interviews with Yahoo Style, but the design was not coming out of the paper.

Now, seeing the great people in the industry, and fashion lovers in idleness at home, in the uk it was found that this was the right time to meet the guests and show off your talent as an author.

Naomi Campbell
A frame with a Clip on Yahoo, it was announced, but never made it to the public

Naomi Campbell shares videos on a variety of your Youtube channel from the year 2018

Naomi Campbell's the mask of
Among the more accessible they are to their peculiar routines of the journey, before the quarantine

A Talk Show With Naomi Campbell
With the separation, the model he chose to use the space to conduct the interviews, in compliance with the social

Posted on Sunday, April 6, by means of a lives. Youtubethe design On the Filter with a Clip (Without the filter with the Clip contains conversations daily with different names are in the universe fashionnames such as Cindy Crawford, Marc Jacobs, Pierpaolo Piccioli, Ashley Graham, and Nicole Richie. In the latter, it is worth noting, is currently working alongside Campbell on the the reality tv show sewing-Making-the-Cut-Amazon.

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Naomi Campbell and Marc Jacobs
Fashion designer Marc Jacobs is amongst the guests on the project

Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell
As well as friend Cindy Crawford

Nicole Richie and Naomi Campbell
Nicole Richie, who is currently on the side of the Clip on the jury of a reality, Making the Cut, is the third in a celebrity interview with Campbell

As the name of this program implies, all the chat about the time they intend to bring to the spectators a vision of frank from the guest in respect of the matters put forward by the top modelthat also unpacks their experiences, in the course of the conversation.

On the side of Cindy Crawford, the first star to take part in the project, the presenter, talked about the golden era of the supermodels, as they both relembravam the filming of the clip that’s Freedom! ’90 by George Michael. “I came out for a parade of Mugler in Paris, and I went on to write, in London, england. I was so tired,” said Campbell in a stream.

The two also said that even though they are well-known for its beauty, has also suffered from the pressure of the aesthetic of the company. There are those who in the past have pointed out the defects in the double room. While She found that her first booker the advised him to remove his now-famous paint, I have shared an ad agency in New York, it would have suggested that she do laser for scar that you have on your face.

Cindy Crawford reminisced on the moment his first booker he suggested that she remove the sign, which became his trademark

Having helped her daughter Kaia Gerber to become one of the largest models in the new generation, She also gave tips for those who want to devote their professional lives to the catwalks: be on time, don’t stay on the phone, you create a good relationship with all the people that work with you, and is always in search for new photographers who will click on.

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In a chat with Ashley Graham, the first model plus size posing for the cover of the swimsuit Sports Illustrated, Campbell, congratulated the achievement of the co-worker. “What you’ve got today, because I, for one, have never been selected for the covers of the magazine,” he said in a Wednesday interview On the Filter.

Ashley Graham with her son
Ashley Graham took a break from her maternity leave to chat with a Clip

The models talked about, among other things, on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s strength is the professional plus-size

With Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative directors of Valentino, I have played one of their larger environment. After talking to you about the latest collections from the brand to the Italian, and the dress, which the fashion designer had designed for her for the Met Gala in 2019, the top model he was surprised by how much of a demand for unusual. “You’ve got to say to me, ‘checks her lipstick before you talk to me’, he asked the designer at the end of the interview.

The fun has left the uk a little dull, in the end, the phrase that was said by her, during a major fight with Coco Rocha. In an episode of the the reality tv show The Face, in which they both acted like sworn in, the canadian asked with the attitude of a competition sponsored by the Photo that is snapped to the position of his colleague by criticizing her make-up.

In other cases, the star will most certainly deny him the answer to such a demand, but you say you don’t when you the creative director of Valentino, in a livesoon after, he will be given up to 40 minutes of your busy time, while a new project, it could get bad. Thus, the legend of the walkways, he decided to go with the flow. “I’ve never done this before, except when I did it the first time. But… If you will, of course,” he replied Campebell.

In the course of the next few days, and it is hoped that the other leading figures of the fashion, to pass through the new design of the Clip. Kate Moss, Heidi Klum, and Kim Kardashian may be in the select list of invited guests to the top model. We are looking forward to!

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The TRUE Kate Moss, you should still appear in the the talk show

Is that Kim Kardashian will be part of the program for the amiga?

Naomi Campbell is one of the most renowned landmarks in the history of. His club career began as a teenager when she was discovered in Covent Garden, in London, england. In the uk it was the first model in black on the stamp and the covers of numerous magazines, such as Elle uk, Time Magazine, and in the United States, and the Vogue of the French language.

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