Orlando Brown, actor in ‘The Raven’ has Will Smith’s child abuse



Will Smith, he is involved in a controversy. Actor Orlando Brown, who took part in the series, ‘The Raven’, is accusing the father of Jaden Smith’s abuse of him when he was a child. Brown also claimed to be the son of the king of pop, Michael Jackson.

Will Smith has been accused of a crime

According to the complaint made by Orlando Brown, is in a video on its social network, Michael Jackson orchestrated the abuse, but who may have committed the alleged offense has been that Will Smith.

Despite the fact you have made the accusations are so serious, Orlando Brown did not give too many details of the alleged crime was committed by Will Smith, any more than there is an investigation in progress.

Will Smith wins a look-alike for Brazilian

In Brazil, it is very common to appear on look-alikes of the actors in the movie and the sport, the international, so much so that even Keanu Reeves has a look-alike of the Brazilian, who had stopped with the image.

This time it’s a man’s impressed me in the social networks, the similarities with the actor Will Smith. The young man has decided to share it with the internet in a video where he shows you how it’s like for the father of Jaden Smith.

In the video, it’s a very good-natured, the young man who looks a lot like the actor is in front of a pile of bricks, which, he says, that is six thousand pieces on the recording, and he feels sorry for having unloaded the goods in the wrong place.

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The similarity of the logo drew the attention of the internet surfers who made a comment such as, “Will Smith dropped out of the job of the actor to turn to the mason,” and “The Fresh Prince of Brick, with a mention of the “Crazy Piece”.

Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith’s lost in Hollywood

In the year 2000, and to the son, Will, was seen as an actor with a great deal of promise, but in the last few years, it disappeared from the screens of the cinema.

The boy’s strong personality and seems to have chosen to focus on the other abilities, and it can be considered to be a former member of the orb of the world.

But even if you’re not in the world of the film, the child Will have a long career ahead of him, he is a serial entrepreneur and has a business in the entertainment and music.

It was reported that one of the reasons why Jaden Smith’s exit from the world of cinema was with the film “After Earth,” which he starred with Will Smith.

The verification was a failure, however, earned bad reviews, and financial loss.

The production had a cost of approximately $130 million but grossed only $60 million. In addition to this, Rotten Tomatoes gave it only an 11% approval rating for the output.

Also, there is information that He and Willow Smith may have been held back by the big businesses of the world. According to the information, e-mail, the two The famous the executives were leaked and they were saying that the children of the Smith were to be scaled up for production of the company, in addition to the mention of Angelina Jolie, and Leonardo DiCaprio.


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