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Sam Smith and Demi Lovato(photo: Reproduction
Sam Smith and Demi Lovato (photo: Reproduction/Internet)

The measures of isolation and social distancing imposed by the pandemic throughout the world, and some of the artists are taking the time to generate the content for the fs. Cover and regravaes of the songs in the format of the sessions have become more and more common. This week, in the alternative, Glass Animals, Milky Chance, and Dermot Kennedy have this kind of satisfaction to the public.

In the pop up, the ex-Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland, and presented the single Coffee and the potential of Sam Smith, and Demi Lovato presented the outlines “I’m ready”. Singer Lauren Jauregui on, he was left out of the playlist this week, with the lanamento de 50ft.

In the rap, international, Naeem has called Justin Vernon is the creator of the project, Bon Iver, and the Swamp Dogg for the track The Simulation. Tyler, The Creator, has given a new look to the pipe Automatic driver La Roux in the remix, as well as K. Roosevelt called for BJ The Chicago Kid, and Arin Ray to create a new one the back of the barrel She. The singer’s Baby, in partnership with Roddy’s Rich, he took advantage of the moment, and have released the first single The bad. J the rapper in the 21st Some of, which are in trend among the public to the hip-hop, let go of the voice in the The Secretnext Summer’s Fare.

When it comes to romance, the album is Bazzi the show I got you. Then, John Legend with Bigger love. J Paul Zucker has come to take out coraes, with the new pipe Somebody loves you. The singer Jason Mraz, which has been investing in a love song, while the music is relaxing, he turned average with a Look for the good.

For the week, once again marked by the expected return on the music instead. Fiona Apple-o fenmeno in the late 1990s and the beginning of the 2000’s, lana However, the bolt cuttersthe first lbum artist at eight years of age. The other reapario surprise, it also had a scene of Jamie XX lanou idontknowthe first, but far from the band The XX, from the lbum – In color d2015.

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Still following the music, alternative, international, and the singer, Declan Mckenna, with the The key to life on earth the project is your Car Seat Headrest, Will, In the crtica Hollywood; and the rock band, the icelandic Kaleo, with the Made, are also new this week, from the beginning of April. In addition to their band, uk indie, Florence and the Machine have released the latest single, The Light of love, and The Used Cathedrall Bell.

But the brazilian

Clarice Falc
Clarice Falco’s and Linn’s Broken (photo: from the Build-Up, Media/Divulgao)
In Brazil, a lot of artists have moved here regardless. in the case of the outlines of the Clarice Falco, with Linn the Broken pipe After the end of the world. The band is at full speed when the Meat’s Sweet lanou Missthe more a single do lbum it to be rolled even by the year 2020.

In addition to this, He, and the band of são paulo and it looks like uk and sung in English, presented December animaland for the young people of the music group Golf Club have shown to the world, the arrangement Of section II of this annex. Yet, in So Paulo, a group of rock-Ego-Kill-Talent, showed off the new music Lifeporn.

In Braslia, the artist Originalman also released a new single The collar of Sofia’sthat far as part of the next lbum artist.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the union of the Gil, and the sky, the Djs, the museum of modern art, Tropikillaz and Telefunksoul & Freelion, to cry, to do srio, the demarcao of terras indgenas. The artists are joined by the lanamento Demarcao jone way to danante of the critique of aes-to-date with government.

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BaianaSystem and Buguinha Dub showed it, too, with the new partnership, The Future Dubdealing with universal themes such as water, fire, earth, past, present, and future. The state Erasmo Dibell lanou, on the last day of the 10-to-barrel Plotthat’s part of the lbum To heal.

The double-six Maiara & Marasa broke the back of the living Release it. Henrique & Juliano, Joo Bosco & Vincius, Jonah, and Stretched out on The Bars of the Pisadinha come with a footprint, a live single, and let them go The eternal replay To see the light, He kisses me, Get yourself another one and Recaireirespectively. The partnership is unusual for a Priest references wikimedia commons why her & I, The purchase, is also a part of the list, lanamentos of the week.

J in the time? of the plant, Dilsinho and the Attitude of the 67 came with with everything I I l l l l. Grupo Samb also came up with the same pace as her captive. At this time, the group lanou If it is missingwork in conjunction with the Media Leleto, and at the Table.

In the funk scene, Lexa released the first single Afterrecorded at the house during the quarantine. The musical partnership between Dennis Dj, Delano, and Maintaining the Coast At the front of the paredo, terminal is also among the lanamentos. Mc Livinho invested in a single, with a footprint of rap music. Collapse tells the story of the life of the singer, who split up with a time line both before and after the show. Mc Hariel, Mc Fioti, and events in the international airlines also came in with the first two singles You win the world, Attention and They have been promthe following , in order. Gabily, Links, and Becky G brought the funk to the mix with Latin rhythms on the Funk-off: it will keep you.

Mc Kevin, I also lanou of the music Reviewthat was recorded with the Mk Davizo, Mc Menor Thalis, Mc Negrosim, Mc-Dured, Mc, PG, and DJ Kroos, and friends of the artist, from the very beginning of his career.

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Grupo Haikaiss lanou, this week, Incomunicvel. 3030 has invested in a production that is in conversation with the thoughts from each and every member of the team. The moon it shows the location of Rod, Lock, Bruno Chelles, if you feel at peace within the inner self. Konai sighed at the voice in the I hate to feel alone and the Guy in the The most good. J-of the partnership in between Jack’s Quest, and he explained, The voice of the heartsped up the ticks of the fs.

The artists Anavitria, Clau, Samantha, Ax, and Mc, She is giving you the that you talk to all the songs Tell Me from your window, The first time, Control and Fear of the dark. The composies to talk about matters of the heart.

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