Quarantine: the end of the week will be Lady Gaga, Bob, and more


Lady Gaga

Historically, the music industry responds to global crises, making… music. And, by the end of the week, and some of the biggest pop stars on the planet, will once again unite the world around the songs, but this time it’s at home. Roberto Carlos, Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, the great idol-will join the wave of shows are streamed over the internet, either in solo performances or as part of the festivals here.

Since the pioneering Concert for Bangladesh by George Harrison (1971), through to Live Aid in 1985 and Live 8 in 2005, the big shows have become a means of coping with major tragedies, both for the playful nature of the presentations, as well as the opportunity to raise funds for the charity.

The multi-coronavirus has brought unique challenges, such as the recommendation of the social isolation that has film festivals, and he closed it, causing the damage are still valuable in the industry. Even so, the music ceased to be used as a shelter.

The movement began with a presentation of the isolated, on Instagram. In the Uk, and the festival, I’m in the House, has drawn attention on social media. Stars such as Chris Martin (Coldplay), John Legend also sang at his profile, at the festival Together at Home. Soon, they came to the lives superproduzidas of the region’s inhabitants, and with Gusttavo Lima, Jorge & Mateus, and Linda Thomas, setting new records for audience and raise millions of dollars to communities and non-governmental organizations. Right now, it’s time for the Live, Aid, the lives.

On Saturday, more than a hundred artists and celebrities in the media, they will be in the One World: Together, at Home, and the festival is curated by Lady Gaga, arranged by the NGO, Global Citizen, in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO).

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The line-up is impressive: in addition to the Concert, ” legends of the stature of Paul McCartney, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Eddie Vedder, mingle with the stars of pop and contemporary as it Was Eilish, Lizzo, J Balvin, Maluma, Taylor-Swift-and-the-brazilian Anitta. But it doesn’t stop there. Public health experts, comedians, actors / actresses, athletes, and celebrities in general are going to give it to the guys at the event were anchored by the top presenters from the american TV: Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert.

One of the World-will bring the presentation of the stars and planets in their own houses, and will be broadcast by the major networks, and social platforms of the internet. In Brazil, a post-mortem takes place, and Globoplay which is open to non-subscribers) display the full content of the event, simultaneously with the united states, from 14h to 22h hours of MT.

“I found this incredible initiative. In a moving tribute to the professionals who are on the front of this battle, and encourage the awareness and the unity of the whole world,” says Tiago Leifert, which will be open to the transmission of the website, in the post-mortem takes place, and the Globoplay, “we call on the public to spend many hours with so much talent.” “In fact, very few things unite them more than the music,” he says.

The show will begin with a great block to live in, between 14 and 20 hours, with names such as Anitta, Adam Lambert, Maluma, Luis, Fonsi, and Matthew McConaughey. From there, one of the main attractions, starting with the presentations of new pieces, but a pre-recorded message. This is a special two-hour will be shown on TV Globo, the top of the Hour”.

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“ The advantage of being pre-recorded is that the producers of those home-made videos, and they can give you an enhanced, both in audio and in video. In a broadcast over the internet, we know that the signs on the ground,” says Bruna Demaison, program manager of the post-mortem takes place, you will be at the front of the transmission from the One to the World. “Even though presentations by speakers, in most cases, we are trying to get to the highest level of quality possible,” he said.

That was used to transmit live events such as Rock in Rio, Lollapalooza, she mentions the challenges that are specific to a festival, without a seat in the fixed or digital.

“We have reduced the maximum number of people that are involved in the transfer, then you are going to receive the signal from the outside of the building where the Bar is, to produce it, and send it to all the platforms in the group. Typically, each channel would need its own operation. Right now, we center. And the other big difference is that you need to be in close contact with a person who is in the United States. We have a pre-script, but it changes all the time and can’t be left in the dark, not knowing when Tiago Leifert comes in, when you are going to break…”, he said.

CALL it is Worth pointing out that One’s World is not focused on donation-free individuals. The idea is to convene the entrepreneurs and big brands contribute to the bottom of WHO’s fighting on the Covid-19. The show itself is intended to entertain people, cut off from the house of the pandemic and show support for the workers ‘ health.

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“We want to raise money before they go up in the air. When you go, leave your wallets and credit cards in hand, and enjoy the show,” said Lady Gaga during the press conference (online, of course), in which he announced the event two weeks ago.

In Brazil, the movement has also continued, with the finale being promised for Sunday, the anniversary of Roberto Carlos.

At the same time, they are celebrating in the storage room, the artists deal with criticism, for their use in broadcasting on YouTube, and the technical team in a time of social isolation. Gusttavo Lima e Jorge & Mateus came to interact with the waitresses to be masked, in order to strengthen the legal support of the respective brands of beer. Linda Also had a team of eight people at the gig about three hours.

“I’ve already had to live through Instagram, where I turned on the camera and I did the transfer. However, the idea is to bring to you guys something of more quality. Health and safety must come first, but, as we have done, it is possible to be an entertainment, and abide by the recommendations of the health authorities,” said the singer, Linda Thomas.

ROBERTO CARLOS – So at the end of the week, as well as of One’s World, and in the Workshow to Live in, the menu shows on YouTube, gives name as Alexander Pires (sat., 15), Wesley Safadão (Saturday, 19), Rust (Sunday, 15).

And, by popular demand, we will show to the King. Roberto Carlos will get his own studio in Urca, a presentation of 45 minutes on a Sunday, the 18.45h time (MINUTES) to your YouTube channel. The first two songs will be broadcasted by TV Globo, under the Domingão do Faustão”.