Renan Ambrogi, indicates a 20-to music you listen to in quarantine.



Set off to start the weekend with a playlist from the brand-new ones to listen to for the social?! At this time, we met with the grace of Renan Ambrogi, and he will have 20 songs for the time being.

“I love the sound, but there are a few of my referrals and what I like most of the rest of us. And we’re going to take advantage to absorb the knowledge, and if you take care of in the quarantine, you don’t.”, he said.

Among those selected are names such as Kanye West, Military, Vitão, Ed Sheeran, and There Gatie. You can listen to the full list at the bottom of the post.

Recently, the world of Music we interviewed Renan on their new single, “You Don’t Understand”: “The composition is made up with a friend named Giovanni Chiaradia, that I was going through a delicate period in his life, a true story, which tells of the harsh realities in terms of making a decision in order to pursue happiness, and sometimes, in the sense in holding on to the side of a person, and it is keeping the roots of where we are, and we forget that it’s not that we are going to thrive or you may be the person to make you happy, but we are not living that really makes you happy to be in the place or in the occupation, and we did take courage to make a tough decision and, going back to the us to complete, and it makes you happy”.

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