Roberto Carlos confirms, and live at the end of the week, check out the full schedule


The singer, Roberto Carlos will live on in the next week-end. All of the details, such as the time in which the social network will take place in the presentation, it will be set up this Thursday (the 16th). “The king,” had received a lot of requests from fans, and with the close proximity of her birthday, 79 years old, it will be on a Sunday (the 19th), so he decided to do it live.

For the singer, the submission must prevent congestion in the front of the building, which tends to be very crowded on the day of his birthday. The technical details are being defined, to avoid that, such as Roberto Carlos, who is a part of the at-risk group, talk to a lot of people.

Credit: HandoutSunday is the birthday of Roberto CarlosSunday is the birthday of Roberto Carlos

In addition to the “king of kings,” and other lives are being planned for the end of the week. In Rio Grande do Norte, the band, the Knights of the Taste will live, in solidarity, in partnership with the Caravan on Happy Christmas, you must collect your financial and the entire income will go into food baskets and 50% of the donations will be used for the homeless, the unemployed, the elderly, pregnant women, and victims of the Covid-19.

The other 50% will be devoted especially to the musicians, rolders, technical, light and sound, drivers, and a host of other professionals in the field of events, which have had their jobs affected by the pandemic, and are in need of help at this time.

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Already, the singer, a young man Cruising will give a presentation on the 17th of April, with the goal of collecting food for local families in the area And. The goal is to be able to help the largest possible number of families in the towns and cities of the Jucurutu, Caicó, and Currais Novos. Donations can be made in cash, through a great online one is available, or the delivery of the food in the basis set.

The Global movement of Citizen and will make the lives of the daily at the long end of the week, with a performance by the musicians, and on Saturday (the 18th), will bring together artists from virtually the day of the show. The event, curated by Lady Gaga, you have names such as Adam Lambert, Maluma, Was Eilish, Lizzo, Paul McCartneu, Elton John, and Stevie Wonder.

Below is a list of the major lives. this week:

Live this Friday, the 17th:

Fresno – 20

The Lives of-Saturday, 18:

The knights of the Dance – 15.

Global Citizen – 16

Alexandre Pires – 16

The Killers – 16h (Brasília Time), in your account of Instagram of the band

Vlad Lime – 20

Wesley Safadão – 20

Paul – 20

Fernando e Sorocaba – 22h15

The Lives of Sunday, the 19th:

Rust – 16

Henrique e Juliano – 18: