Rolling Stone magazine · 4-way friendships are amazing in Stranger Things


Stranger Thingsone of the most popular series of the Netflix it’s full of villains and monsters from other dimensions and time to spend with friends.” In the face of a reality that is shadowed by the revelation of the The World, Reversed and the experiment duration in the Lab, and Then, the bonds of friendship between the Mike, Dustin, Will, For, Mac and Game they are the glue that holds the heroes together.

In addition, children in the aftermath of the disappearance of the Will in the first year, will also strengthen the friendship between the adults in the story, such as Hopper, Joyce, Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve. The website ScreentRant chose your friends the most amazing in the series, refer to the list below.

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4. Max Game

When you Game it was hidden somewhere in the house Hopper, in the second year, and have used their telekinetic powers to spy on their friends, she became jealous of the Max in the first instance. However, when the two finally know each other better Max if it makes you a great friend and help Game the show is a more lighthearted and fun.

3. Jo and Jackie

Most likely, Jo and Joyce it would not be a couple in good health, but their friendship is amazing, and it’s true. Even with the misunderstandings and stubbornness, the two have always supported them in their time of need.

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Robin and Steven tyler in a Stranger’s Things ” (Photo: Handout/Sign)

2. Steve and Robin

In the third season, a friend and co-worker Steve it became, unexpectedly, an important ally and friend of ex-boyfriend Nancy. It’s almost fall in love with Robin what is the MODEL, and the two of them to follow just as if they were friends. The duo is funny, and has moments of great emotional connection.

1. Mike Will

Even though not everyone in the world believe in the friendship of the Mike and Will the two of them are close to since kindergarten, and were the first best friend, the one from the other. In the second period, when the Mike help Will to remind you of all the life you still have ahead of them, the depth of the feelings shared by the pair is even more noticeable.