Rolling Stone’s Fan of the brazilian Taylor Swift has made a tattoo with the date of the show, postponed by a coronavirus

The submission would be in July 2020; it has been postponed until 2021, but it’s still no specific date

Taylor Swifta postponement of this Friday, the 17th, the date of his concert to 2021, including in Brazil, previously scheduled for July of 2020. Bad news for an eager fan who tatuou on the day of the event at the wrist.

Also on Friday, the Twitter profile @jaredzando posted a picture of the body map with an β€œ18/07”. In the caption, he wrote: Taylor Swift, for the love of God, to reschedule the show for the same date in the year to come in for my tattoo and continue to make sense.”

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More than 3 thousand people have seen and reacted to the image. The majority of the response was laughter and a few wondered why the don’t last on the show.

The presentation of the 2020 would be the first big event of the Taylor Swift in Brazil. The world’s first and only visit to the star, while the country was in 2012, so having a pocket show today at the side of the Paula Fernandes.

The postponement of the upcoming shows Taylor Swift (and a number of other artists-it is because of the pandemic coronaviruses and the measures to curb the spread of this, among other things, require that the end-of-crowds.