Sam and Demi, you ready for a new love


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Although it has delayed the release of the third album of his career, it’s for a reason, of course, the pandemic is the winner of prestigious awards like the Grammy and the academy awards, Sam Smith has decided to release his new single, “I’m Ready”, a collaboration with american singer Demi Lovato, on Friday, the 17th.

In the song, after the warm-song-of-work To Die Forthat was also the title of the new album, Sam’s, and it has the same carbon footprint ‘and dance it’s really sad, but with less brilliance, which has been presented to us, with the first hit of a new era: the Dancing With The Stranger, the single, which counts with the participation of the newcomer to Normani.

‘I’m Ready’ has come up with a video clip attached to the olympic games, and the universe as LGBTIQ+

“I’m Ready” is a song, happy, made, singing, smiling, and very much in line with the letter of the single, which has been recently released by the Rt, I Love Me. But it is the union of the artists, it could result in something more innovative, not to stressing so much the power in the voice of both of them. In a year in which the Olympic games had been postponed, He and Demi starring in a music video focused on the theme of the Game, with a touch of your personality to each and every one.

Can you imagine “I’m Ready” on your playlist from the practice sessions, also to fund a number of meetings with friends at venues such as the Zoom or FaceTime, at the same time, that it was a perfect fit for the all the required sessions, a lot of cleaning up during this years. If this column had a thermometer, I’d give it a two wheelies and a half, out of the total of five) to the band. Yes, the wheelie is a clear reference to the logo of the State government.

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“I’m Ready” is available on all the streaming channels, and the video is up on YouTube in the uk. The new album of the Sam has not yet earned a new date for the launch, and much less a new one. Let’s face it, To Die You do not take at all well these days, isn’t he?

Broadway is in the house. Taking advantage of the vibe of the spine, to the tip of the time, this is for the lovers of music, and also to those who have not yet had the opportunity to attend one of the great performances in New York city. The Show Must Go On! (bit).ly/sigaoshow is the channel that is created by Universal, in order to serve the complete works of Broadway, free of charge. The transmission takes place on Fridays from 15, but make sure that the content is only available for 48 hours.

The performances of a Broadway display for free until Friday on Youtube.


One World: Together at Home
There is one thing that Lady Gaga will not be able to do this? In epic partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), the album was the curator at Together’s At Home, and the festival, and online, whose line-up had names such as Alicia Keys, Was Eilish, The Killers, and Paul McCartney. The supershow was last night (the 18th), but if you missed it, you can watch it on official channel: Third-they are also referred to in the post-mortem takes place. The money raised will go to help those health care professionals who are on the front lines in the fight against the covid-19. Bravo Gaga!

‘Together Ta Make’ included concerts by Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, and Stevie Wonder.

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