Sin costs you more than you can afford


Kanye West gave an interview to a men’s magazine, and he talked about his new phase of life under the christian faith, and the impact this has on their daily routine. Demonstrating that you have understood a good part of the message of the Gospel, he was, in other words, what is the price of sin is death.”

Well-known for his extravagance, and arroubos of grandeur in regards to his artistic work, the the song the american has been argued that the christians will continue to speak out on the issues that have guided the society, and the importance of such a gesture.

At the age of 42 years old, Said that when he said that it was “definitely born-again”, and part of this involves the discovery of the difference between weigh in on a question and the judge. “The whole world is in sin,” said the artist, and entrepreneur.

In the interview with the journalist, Will Welch, the magazine’s INit was permeated with the strong statements that reflect the worldview of the christian before the post-modern world. In the interview, he said that part of the journey of becoming a christian is to be under the watchful eye of the brethren in the faith, and to be held accountable for their actions.

“[As pessoas] do you think that all of a sudden, you believe in Christ, then you must not talk about. And if you talk, people will say, ‘You’re being judgmental’. And it’s like, ‘Oh, not right now, because I am a christian, and I don’t have more to say?’ I am a christian, and I still have a point of view. But, in my opinion, it is based on the Word” shot.

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In order to illustrate his thoughts, he said, that in the event that it is done, “The Sunday Servicehave an atmosphere that is “non-judgmental”, adding: “I think that the church, in which the majority of people grew up when the children were found to have an environment that is negative. The best thing for me, as someone who has given his life to Christ, and to know that other people have it as an anchor, and a means of healing.”

Part of his motivation for organising the musical events on the island, with plenty of space for preaching, is that it helps you to continue to grow in their faith. He was married to a socialite and a celebrity on the TELEVISION, Kim Kardashian, and he played with the concept of the Gospel is in one sentence: those who are not in the service of God, they are “in the service of the whole of the rest of it”.

“Living in sin will cost you more than you can afford to pay. You don’t want to continue to sin without repentance. I understand that people feel like they have committed some sin in culture. But the only sins that are real sins against God, and you don’t want to continue to sin against God,” he said.

The policy

Controversial Kanye West did not take on a tone less strident when it comes to politics. He revealed to the journal that, in November, they will vote for in the presidential election for the first time in his life. His past statements in support of the president, Donald Trump, tell you what you will be casting your vote.

READ MORE:  "Living in sin will cost you more than you can afford to pay," says Kanye West

“Didn’t tell me who I will vote for because of my color,” he said to the reporter. “It’s definitely going to vote this time around. And you know who I’m voting for,” he stated.

Many critics have argued that she was going to collapse after they have sustained in the political republican nominee in 2016. However, in the West, this was not a problem: “take a Guess: “I’m still here! ‘Jesus is King’ is the [álbum] number 1,” said.