Sophie Turner revealed that the character would like to play it again in the theaters


Sophie Turner as Jean Grey / Phoenix force, Dark X-Men (Movie / Fox)

Sophie Turner this is an actress who played roles in memorable, such as Sansa Stark in the series Game of Thrones and Jean Grey to fight the X-Men in the theaters. After a short break she is due to marry the singer, Joe, Jonas, Sophie Turner took part in the series of the Models of the new streaming platform Quibi. In an interview with the site, However, the actor has revealed that he has the will to interpret it again as Jean Grey in the movie theaters.

In spite of many drawbacks, the X-Men, it’s one of the franchise’s most successful movie, and with the purchase of the Fox in Disney’s the anticipation of the fans to see the team of mutants in a part of the MCU, it was great, and the expectation grew even more when, at the San Diego Comic-Con last year, Kevin Feige, said that this could happen in the future. However, the thing about the X-Men, who came to the movie, The New Mutants, who has a team that’s completely new.

In the magazine, And he asked Sophie Turner if she has no interest in playing Jean Grey again in the theaters. The actress said, “I don’t know what’s the deal, if Disney wants to continue on the journey of the X-Men, or you don’t. But I always go back to that character, so that the cast and the experience. It was an incredible time on that. I would do anything to go back.”

Sophie Turner seems to be an actress, well, heartbroken, in an interview to The Hollywood, she said, is also interested in the re-interpretation of Sansa Stark. She said: “I Hope that I can be the life of the Sansa, once again, to regain that feeling, you know?” I want to relive the moment when I walked on set with my costume for the first time, because it was incredibly empowering. Miss you all deeply… I miss the costumes, the set, and especially of the people. All of this was making my heart beat stronger.

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