Stevenage borough: Visit the Paschal’s mobile is the result on the faithful to stick to the quarantine in Fornelos


Photo: Playing Facebook / Joe Oliveira

A nice initiative, entitled the ” Easter Life in 2020’, approved of, and commended by the local authorities to be consulted, turned out to be the result, due to reasons beyond the organizers and citizens, the disregard for the safety and the insulation, which is contrary even to the recommendations of the Church and of the ecclesiastical parish of Fornelos, which, according to the record, left it on the social networks, I had no intention of that, no-one bore the host state.

The aim of the initiative was for the faithful to enter into any of the balconies and the windows for the passage of the van of the sound, and on the cross for the parish of Fornelos, Moimenta and in Travanca.

Easter van-in sound and tempo to the mobile

“Having obtained the favourable opinion of the Ex. mº President of the Municipal council, stevenage borough, in the Civil Protection, the Municipal, of the Portuguese.No Commander of the national guard of the republic of Souselo the Ex. maria Sra. Delegated to Health care, there is nothing to prevent the action planned for the easter proclamation, in the car, with the speakers scheduled for the day of Easter Sunday, throughout the day, in the parish of Fornelos, Travanca and in Moimenta,” he said to the priest, The Culture, the parish priest of Fornelos.

During his time in the van of the sound, the people were invited to come to the window, the balcony, or just around the corner. The organizers of desaconselharam explicitly, and any attempt of gathering together human beings. The music of pascal, and of the prayers that have been passed on through the sound, and the priest blesses the people and for the people.

It should be recalled that not only does the theory cinfanenses, but even in the Diocese of Porto, who had already warned against that, the believers furassem is the name for the celebration of easter. The father-of-Fornelos had warned the people to stay in their homes, and welcome the cross from a distance through social media and received a lot of compliments from the people to take the initiative to lead the people to some extent, the ability to comply with the christian tradition on the court, etc.

Check out what was on the program of the pass-through of the cross

8: 30 am – Starting with a Visit to the Area of the Wedge, and the Soul
8: 45 – the Area of the bad effects, and Hill
9: 00 am – the Zone-of-Guisande and Lapa
9.15 am – the Zone from the Sarabagos
9: 45 am – the Zone from the Tree, and Arrujo
10: 00 a.m. – the Area of Cortegaça
10: 15 – Zone, Double Down, Fornelos, and the Church

11: 00 am (unless there is some short delay) – Mass directly to the page of the Facebook’s “Journal of the Parish”
12: 00 pm – Ringing of the Festive Bells in the Parishes of

14: 30 – Commencement of Business in the district of Santa Isabel, Raposeira and in the Church
14: 45 – the Zone from Carvalha, Carvalhinha, Nabeelrajab
15: 00 – Zone of the Ribeira
15: 15 – the Area of St. Peter’s
15: 30 – the Zone from the Rangers, the Walls and the City
15: 45 – the Zone from the Coast and the Vallo
16: 00 – the Area of Ortigosa

16: 30 – Area of the Lowland
16.45 – the Area of St. Peter’s and to the Meadow
17: 00 h. – an Area of the Day
17: 15 – the Area of the Village, Walking
17: 30 – Zone, Cruise, Center
17h45 – the Area of Success, Barral, and Guimbra
-18: 15 – Area de Soutelo, District, Valinho, in the Cloud, and Val Gôjo