the calendar of the World will be readequado to the impact of the pandemic


On the 12th of the Rod in a Civil Federal de São Paulo, decided on preliminary injunction, that the timing of the World in 2020 will have to go through adjustments based on the effects of the pandemic from the coronavirus in the current school year. A request has been made by the office of the Public Defender of the Union, which is charged with the adequacy of the dates in the evolution of the Covid-as many as 19 in the country. The information comes from The World. In accordance with the decision, “to maintain the existing deadlines and due dates in the calendar, as prepared by the INEP violates the principles of reasonableness and proportionality.” Furthermore, according to the report, “taking into consideration the fact that the calendar has been posted for the close of school, when most of the students who will engage in the WORLD do not have access to the information, and they are not to have access to the content necessary for the completion of the test, is not reasonable for the defendant to retain the original schedule drawn up”. A temporary injunction was granted within hours of the minister of Education, Abraham Weintraub to confirm the date of the National Exam of the high School, and to criticise the measures of social isolation.

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