The event from the Travis Scott in the provided in get to have the details revealed to


Disclosure to co-operate with Fortnite, with Travis Scott, he is near to happen.

It seems that the skin on Travis Scott’s, which was leaked a few months ago in a Fortnite may finally be returning, as it’s a bit on the game, it seems to confirm some kind of event, or the performance by Travis Scott, as well as the new leaks. In February, the vazadores of the data found in a set of skins with the name of Travis Scott, but so far, it has not been officially added to the game.

The rapper-and-producer from Houston is known for being a huge fan of the game, and he has participated in some of the games, with nathan Drake and a levels in 2018 at the earliest, and now they finally have their own event, performance, in addition to the skin. On the 16th of April, that the leakers have revealed a brand new event for ‘Jerky’ in the game files, and it seems that the play list is used in the event of Marshmello has also been referred to as ‘Jerky’ in the file, which means that it could be something like that.

And now, the teasers have been watched on the game, it is practically confirmed that a live performance of Travis Scott’s is coming up. The most important thing is the end of your music to the Highest-In-The-Room’ that can be heard by tapping on certain areas of the map.

In addition to playing music, the player will also have noticed the new poster for the event, spread out across the map. They don’t tell you much, but there is a logo of the music on them, suggesting that their performance in the game. The vazadores descriptografaram the audio file of the texture that is most likely to be used for the event. In the vicinity of the area of purple, which appear to coasters and carousels. It would fit the theme of the latest album from Travis Scott, Astroworld, which was inspired by an amusement park. In his live shows, he has also had a roller-coaster ride in all its glory.

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Unfortunately, we don’t have any idea when the event will be just yet. However, we can make a few guesses. It is unlikely that it will occur during the week and on Saturdays or Sundays, a lot of the more common events in a game such as this.

If the Dragon chooses to do so in the same way that the performance of the Marshmello will be on Saturday, potentially to the 25th of April, about one week after the date on which the teaser has been revealed to you in the game.