The films of the year 2020 are on the platforms, minibar, pay-per-view channels. What are the rentals?


Many of the films that debuted in theaters in the year I came to digital platforms such as pay-per-view channels where you pay by the month’s rent. There are a few, such as NOW, Looke, Google Play, Live Play, etc. But which of those films are actually on the lease?

To help you out, I’ve made a list below, which is divided in one of three ways: “I liked it and would recommend it”, “about average, and it is at your own risk”, and “don’t like”. I hope that it will help you to choose (and pay for) a new.

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I liked it, and so far so good.

To The Lighthouse > Although it only has two characters, and director Robert Eggers, the The Second, get rid of the “drama shot” by composing the images of rare beauty and is in exceptional black and white photograph, shown at the academy awards the year 2020. In the interpretations, perfectly thick, and Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe), the head, and History (Robert Pattinson), in the wizard, you are going to spend some time in a lighthouse on an island in New England, in the mid-1890’s. The ratio of the power reaches the tense moments and the daily contact with the leads of the cap — and the director makes no concessions to ease the chaos that is there, and if you install it.

You Weren’t Here: > He was unemployed for a worker in English to Kris Hitchen), he decided to buy a van to serve as a stand-alone service for the delivery of parcels. It, however, it will be a journey to hell in order to win a livelihood in order to survive. The director Ken Loach take care of the dialogue pervasive in his scathing criticism of the work is almost inhuman.

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The Young Man, Ahmed > A teenager from the belgian, Arabic (Idir Ben-Addi) is following to the letter the orders of the imam of the mosque. Each time more and more immersed in the extreme, muslim, Ahmed, commits an offence and is taken to a juvenile reform school. The brothers, directors Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne are synthetic and do not use the middle to toss out to the audience in a conflict that causes the riot.

The struggle for Justice > In 1987, Walter McMillian (Jamie Foxx), a focused upon the negro, has been charged with the murder of an 18-year-old. The verdict: the death penalty. A young lawyer, Stevenson’s (Michael B. Jordan) and went on to study the case, and, from the very beginning, it was realized that McMillian was convicted because of the testimony of the witness, white.

Officer and a Spy > In 1894, Alfred Dreyfus (Louis Garrel), a jew who was a captain in the Army, he was accused of treason, convicted, and sent to a prison on the Island of the Devil. Colonel, antisemitic, Georges Picquart (Jean Dujardin) has been little by little looking at the case of Defining and realising that it could be a scam. Inspired by a real event.

I found it about average. It’s at your own risk

Two Of The Brothers > Drawing only cute, but on the misadventures of two brothers who are trying to “resurrect” his father. Pixar has already made the animations much better.

Well With The Real World > In the film, the Oscar-2020, the more divided the people are. I didn’t like it. I think it’s a vision of light and infantiloide of the danger of collapse.

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Cute Women > Many people like; me, not so much. I think, in particular, is confusing in the way in which the director, Greg Gerwig brings to the screen the literary classic written by Louisa May Alcott.

Birds of Prey > It has the action, with Margot Robbie of the series as well as the protagonists, but… what’s missing is a roadmap for more consistent and less formulaico.

Jumanji – The Next Phase – > The first film was a pleasant surprise. This sequel offers more of the same, but it’s not ablaze as it was before.

State of the 2 > The kids love them. I found the script pretty weak, even though the animation is very well done.

Who Is the sports Bra > An interesting idea (the film has no dialogue, but the situations are repetitive, and the content is heavily male-dominated.

Half-Brother > A picture from the outskirts of são paulo, with the characters and the situations are believable, but poorly resolved.

New levels for new levels > Another entry in the suburbs of Curitiba, and is made with non-actors. A risky proposition that, at times, it gives the right.

Not worth the rent!

Bloodshot > A silly mix of action and sci-fi, starring Vin Diesel

Instinct > With a therapist, is harassed by an inmate who is incarcerated for the rape and sexual abuse. A failed attempt to be a film “feminist”, but it can be mind-boggling actions of the main character.

In the Wake of the Ant – > As well as a feature probrinho of Costa Rica, not only in the production of the roadmap, rickety

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