The future is up in the air. And what about now?, question from Julian Lima


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1. The future is up in the air. And what about now?

It is past time for us to stop making plans for “when this is all over”. Is not going to “move on”. The re-opening will be gradual and, more importantly, we don’t know when it’s going to get.

What do we do until then, because the world continues spinning?

At the beginning of the seclusion, it felt like we were on a flight. “That’s taking a while, but this plane just comes out.” On a scale, we are waiting for the time to pass. Make plans for your destination. Well, we’ve been here for a month, and there’s no sign of a call back with our flight. It’s time to organize your life in the lobby of the airport.

This means that we make sure our lives are to continue for a long time, exactly how you are working in the home, school and the child’s closed, no visiting with friends and family, going out only to go to the market.

Everything that is not essential, and it is planned for the next few weeks (months?) it will happen with the strict standards of separation and hygiene, due to the distance. You can even start thinking about a “plan B” for a reopening, but the plan is to the status quo. And that’s okay.

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It seems hopeless, but live in the present, and, in fact, it can bring you peace of mind. At the time, one of the standby state and the standby, we have a little bit of predictability. In the future, and it has never been so uncertain, it may not capture the here and now.

NOTE: you are liberated to switch to this new reality and hard with a dream to go back to that restaurant, that park, in that city.

2. A plan for the re-opening

The US government has unveiled a road map that is easy to understand, to re-open in the country. That is, there is the obvious one, and it is precisely for this reason it seems to be efficient.

Yes, it is a political ploy to Trump the play of the decision by the governors. But it is now all over the country, it has one thing in common which makes it easier to draw the backgrounds.

Judging from this background, and our “next stage” would be a more-or-less like this:

  • wash your hands and use alcohol gels as they are today;
  • benefits of the maximum of the surfaces and items in frequent use;
  • wear a mask when you go out, especially on public transport);
  • those who have no symptoms, do not go out of the house;and
  • vulnerable to continue to be isolated, and perhaps to those who live with them;
  • distance in public places;
  • to avoid joining the more than 10 people;
  • only travel if it is essential;
  • for those who can’t maintain a home office;
  • if you need to, to get back to work on the stage;
  • maintain the closed areas of joint work, such as a coffee shop;
  • the schools are still closed;
  • restaurants, houses of worship, theatres, fitness centres, you can re-open under strict protocols distance;
  • the bars are closed. Sorry.
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The plan provides for revaluation every 2 weeks. A lot is discussed about it in the next few days, we are going to follow.

3. In the office, anti-virus

The real estate consultancy to the global Cushman & Wakefield has created a firm model in the Netherlands, to demonstrate to their clients how to be the ideal working environment at the time of a pandemic. On “6 feet in office”, a reference to the recommended distance between a set of rules to ensure a minimum of exposure to contagion. A few guidelines:

  • upon arrival, the officer took out a “desk pad” on a sheet of paper to cover your table and it will be thrown away at the end of the day,
  • the movement of the office following a road map, and plaques;
  • room dividers, transparent) separate tables, which are located at a safe distance from each other;
  • the markings on the floor to help keep each and every one of them in your corner.

As with all predictions, it’s a little bit dystopian, but it may be the solution for you.

The valley you see in the video that introduces the concept.

4. Virtual experiments

One of the most memorable trips of recent mine were the “experiences” of Airbnb, in which people of the area give you a unique programme –a visit to the market followed by a cooking class, learn how to make a dish from that country, a road map only for a few bars.

All of this is pretty much stationary, but it does not take long to present an alternative, innovative “experiments” in digital. And now, for your home, you can add friends from all over the world to taste wines with an expert in Portuguese, and learning how to make drinks, a gin and tonic and with or meditate with a monk in japan.

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This video is sweet it shows you a few examples.

We’ll give them a try.

5. Grilled rack of lamb, and potatoes

It’s a simple recipe and it’s awesome. After you cook the potatoes in salted water, place them on the rack, tempered, and bake in the oven until it’s right for you. Pull out the rack and let the potatoes assarem a little bit more. The juices from the lamb will be drained into them, giving you a taste of the amazing. That’s it!


  • use a thermometer in order to secure a spot in the rack;
  • make (or buy) a small sprig of mint to the meat.

Full recipe right here.

6. In the distance, in the vicinity of you

60 years ago, Frank Sinatra threw “Nice ‘n’ easy’, his 19th studio album, a collection of ballads from his repertoire, most of the unreleased title song.

To mark the anniversary, the album will be re-released with the addition of the “The Nearness of You“, which was recorded at the same sessions but not included on the final disk. The song in the new music, and is now on the digital platform.

  • Do not depart from the subtlety of the of time, distance, rise again is a beautiful song about togetherness.

Here’s the whole album in the original one. Better than the other. The official profile of Frank on Spotify will have a playlist with the great with the best (or the only songs of love to 😍).

For now, that’s all. You want the most? Here you will find all the previous years. It has a lot of good experience. 😀

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