The globe shows in the movie, ‘Frozen: An Adventure to the Chilling’ at the Film’s Special this Wednesday (22/04)


Frozen: An Adventure in Frost is the star of the Film Especially, to the World (Playback)

Frozen: An Adventure in Frost is the star of the Film Especially, to the World (Playback)

Along the line of trying to win people over child and juvenile, the The globe back to view an animation on the evening of Wednesday (22/04). Frozen: An Adventure In The Freezing this is the film to be shown in the Special Movie.

One of the biggest hits in the history of the Disney, Frozen, has two names on the board: Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. While the first is in the curriculum, is Giving a Wave, Tarzan, and Pocahontas, the latter is credited with A double on the Weather, wi-fi, Ralph Broke the Internet, and Brothers and sisters to be a Disaster.

The voice-acting of the State in the United States was made by major actors such as Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, Alan Tudyk, Eva Bella, and Chris Williams. In addition to this, Bruklin Menzel interprets Elsa, the Snow Queen, and it has made a big hit with the song “Let It Go”. Fábio Porchat his friends, the character of Olaf, in the Portuguese version.

It is worth noting that the State will ultimately win the continuation. The direction is still in the hands of Buck and Lee, and the cast gets a few boosts. The opening sequence in the movie theaters due to be released in the beginning of the year that is to come.

The youngest, Anna (Kristen Bell/Gabi Puerto) loves his sister Elsa (Bruklin Menzel/Taryn Szpilman), but an accident involving the special powers of the older, during childhood, did your parents keep at bay. After their death, the two grew isolated on family castle, until the day that Elsa should take the reign of Arendell.

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With the reunion of the two, another accident happens and she decides to leave forever and shut out the world, leaving all behind and causing a freeze up of the kingdom. This is when Anna decides to venture out into the mountains of ice to find her sister and end up with a cold.

Here’s the trailer for ” Frozen