The Ivy is to be confirmed as the new leader, and Babu, Thelma, and Flayslane is on the wall – Oniverso Disgusting


On the evening of this Friday (10) to set aside more excitement to the WEEK. Starting from the acknowledgement of the Ivy as the new leader of the week after being the last one to press the button on the test of the leader”, in which in each round the participants had to run to the press and to the latter it would be eliminated.

Then it came to the nomination for a vote. Much to the surprise of some, the Ivy first, he said that he would not appoint to the Babu by the fact that he has already gone several times to keep up with it, eventually opting for the Thelma.

The poll was opened and operated in the following manner: the two who received the most votes for the house would be at the preference of the public to stay an extra week in the house. With three votes, all in all, Flayslane has the highest number of votes in the house.

However, it ended up giving it a tie for the second most votes, and become the responsibility of the leader to decide, Babu, Rafa, Manu and Gizelly who would go to a vote this week. In the end, Ivy failed to and it ended up indicating that the Babu by the fact that it will still not be able to vote for the girls.

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