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The competitions are carried out by a variety of categories, during the period of the quarantine, and the experience that has engaged fans all over the world

Pietro Fittipaldi is a reserve driver and testing of the Haas in Formula 1 racing (Haas F1 Team/RF1)

In the race, and kartódromos around the world are largely closed, so that the riders are in the house, over a period of years. The output of the championships, the riders, the organizers, and fanatics for the sport of trying to kill it for the life of the automobile has been speeding up in the race here.

Gradually, as the various leagues around the world began to be created on a different platform. The main one is the F1, this Sunday will be the third step with a number of riders-holders as confirmed by Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), Alexander Albon (the Red Bull’s Carlos Sainz (fifth round), Lando Norris (Facebook), Nicholas Latifi (Williams), George Russell (Williams) and Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo).

Who else will be in competition for the brazilian Pietro Fittipaldi, piloting, booking of Haas. He made his debut in the competition with a virtual official of formula 1 in the last step, in Melbourne, victoria, Australia. The proof is at the end of the week, it will be at the circuit of Shanghai, China, with an estimated 14.

In addition to competing in the F1 in a Virtual one, Peter, also will play in Saturday’s opening Race For The World competition to benefit professional drivers and the virtual world that aims to raise funds for the institutions in the fight against the covid-19. This event will also be at 14.

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Here in Brazil, we saw a number of riders have also taken advantage of the championships in a virtual way to stay focused and on pace with the competition, and to have fun in between the races on the track.

Inspired by just in the Race for the World,” Dudu Barrichello and Enzo Fittipaldi is organizing the Challenge head on of the Stars. In the course of the competition, the audience goes with the evidence on YouTube and social media channels of the riders are also encouraged to make donations to campaigns such as the “USP’s” Life ” program at the University of São Paulo, to promote activities to combat the Covid-19), and the “United against the Covid-19”, which is sponsored by Fiocruz (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation), giving it the character of the benefactor of the event.

All of the riders and the organisers are promoting the event is free of charge, and is working to raise donations for the links and –.

The Challenge for the Virtual Star, began on the night of Wednesday (15) in the first round of the double being held at the circuit of Laguna Seca (USA), with the two parts moving. With a grid of 26 racers, the stage was held in the format of a double round, and the two events have been the victory of Felipe Drugovich. The competition uses the “iRacing”, with all the cars in F3, as well as with the set-up is fixed, in order to ensure that the maximum balance in the equation.

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In the grid, the race was fairly democratic, with the highlights of brazil with the ” F2 ” (Drugovich), F3 (Enzo Fittipaldi), F4 (Gabriel Bortoleto), And Formula (britain’s James Calado), WEC (Felipe), Stock Car (John Sierra, William Salas, Pedro Cardoso and Nonô Figueiredo), Canopies, Truck (Tony Monteiro), Porsche (Miguel Paludo), USF-2000 (Dudu Barrichello-and-Kiko Porto, portugal), Stock Light (Edson Coelho), Formula Renault (Caio Collet), IMSA (Leo’s Fan), F-3000 (Marcelo Battistuzzi), Sprint Race (Nathan’s last supper and go-karting (with Miguel Costa and Enzo Vidmontiene).

One of the major categories of the brazilian auto racing, Porsche Cup, he created his own virtual championship, in 2019 at the latest: Porsche partnership to Carrera Cup in Brazil. The first time it was Jeff’s Giassi, who will represent Brazil at the world cup at the Porsche-TAG Heuer’s partnership Formidable to 2020, which is only 40 participants, and one of them is Max Verstappen.

Also in that year, just in time to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Porsche Cup in Brazil, the organization of the category, recently organized the second edition of the Race to the Stars. The race was attended by 41 participants and took the win from Tyler Goldner, after the addition of the two batteries.

Does even have won the title sponsorship of the Shell in order to speed up during the season, and it’s going to be the first member to the virtual Academy for the Riders of the mark, in that it has Ricardo Zonta, Attila Abreu, Galid Osman, Gaetano di Mauro and Gianluca Petecof.

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With the uncertainty of the return of the racing car on the circuit, make certain that it is, is that the world championship car racing in partnership increasingly it is gaining adherents around the world.