the lives of rock and MPB, the move by the end of the week, check it out


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The band The Killers, has announced a live

Because of a quarantine due to a pandemic, the Covid-a 19-a lot of artists had to cancel a booked event for this time of the year. From then on, they began to rely on live streams on the social networks, where on the stage they are in their places, to bring entertainment to the public, to keep up the pace of their work, and to promote campaigns for charities, as is the case with the film festival One World: Together, At Home, and that is created by the NGO, Global Citizen, in partnership with the World Health Organization, that will include big-name international artists to raise funds for the Fund to respond to the Solidarity of the Covid-19.

In addition to the attractions of the international, by the end of the week will be full of lives national: from brazilian popular music to alternative music to get in the house, it will be entertainment to suit all tastes.

Check out below the complete list of schedules for the concerts online at the end of the week


New Order + Liam Gillick – 15:30 – Facebook of the Band

Fresno – 20:00 – Youtube video of the Band

Quarantine-an Online Festival-of-Metal – Shaman, Dr. Sin, Torture Squad, among others – from 18:00 – YouTube video for the magazine’s Roadcrewmagtv

Start with a singer from chile’s Ana Tijoux – 19:00 – the YouTube of the Festival, Mucho

The Grateful Dead ( the Show Unheard-of) – 21:00 – YouTube video of the band

Leila Pinheiro – 21:00 pm – the Instagram of the singer

Djonga – 21:00 pm – the Instagram of the artist

On Saturday

The Killers – From 16:00 On – Instagram-of-Band

The Festival Centre’s Home-in Session – Silva , seu Jorge , Kick the Beat , Clarice Falcão, and Heaven, among others – at 16:00 on the YouTube video of the Set.

The Festival, One Together At Home – and Eddie Vedder ( of Pearl Jam, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, sir Paul Maccartney, Lady Gaga , Chris Martin ( Coldplay) and others – in from 16:00 – post-mortem takes place or a YouTube video on the Global Citizen

David Guetta – 19:00 – All of the social networks of the artist

Paulinho Moska, with an artist’s argentine – 19:00 – the YouTube of the Festival, Mucho

Jane Duboc – From 19:30 To Instagram of the artist

Tape One to the Other – 21:00 pm – the Instagram of the artist

John, I Knew, and Luciana Mello – 19:00 To Instagram of the John I Knew

On Sunday

Érikah Badu – 21:00 – YouTube video of the artist

Orlando-Paris – From 20:00 pm – the Instagram of the artist

George, Israel, From 21:00 pm – the Instagram of the artist

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