The Marvel’s plans for a new movie of the Avengers are revealed


Spider-Man may have a large role to play in the future of the MCU.

According to the MCU Cosmic Marvel is developing a movie from the New Avengers led by Captain Marvel from Brie Larson, but it won’t be the only one in the face of the family in the film. The report claims that Spider-Man will also be involved in the initiative, New Avengers, and in which a director of “dear ” fans”, which is linked to the Head of the Web and is now being considered for the project.

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So far, the New Avengers has not yet been officially announced by Disney.

In the role of Spider-Man in the MCU that was at issue in August of 2019, when both Sony and Marvel have reached an impasse over the rights to the character. According to reports, Disney has requested that all future projects in the Spider-Man to be part of an agreement on co-financing between Marvel and Sony, but this is the last studio refused to do so.

In spite of this, Sony has proposed to leave the existing agreement unchanged, which means the Marvel universe would still be receiving about 5% of the gross value of the ticket, retaining the rights to the merchandise, which Disney refused to do so.

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Then, in September of 2019 at the latest, and Sony and Disney agreed to co-produce the third installment of the Spider-Man, as yet untitled, directed by Tom Holland. This also opened up the opportunity for the Spider-Man from Holland, to appear in an upcoming movie, the a team of MCU, but the initial announcement suggested that he would come back for just one movie, a solo added to the Marvel universe.

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If Spider-Man is wrapped in a film of the magnitude of the New Avengers, Peter Parker could have a bigger role than the one stated above. Given that the Avengers has always determined the direction of the MCU, and it is only logical that a movie of the New Avengers team would do the same thing in a post-Avengers: Ultimatum.

So, if Spider-Man is involved with the New Avengers, it could have a major impact on the direction that the MCU will run at the front. However, we will not be sure until Disney make an official statement on the future of the Avengers, and Spider-Man into the MCU.