The “One World”: Anitta makes a cameo appearance in the charity event of the international, organized by Lady Gaga


Anitta was already acknowledged in the “One World: Together ‘At Home’ event, which takes place this Saturday (the 18th), and is passed on to the entire world. The fans were in doubt as to what she would sing, but it was thrown out. Rumor is that she will announce to Lady Gaga… Well, you don’t know it yet, but she has her friend, Juanes, the famous colombian singer.

“And he has two Grammy awards and eight Latin Grammy awards. He has sold over 50 million albums around the world. He is a singer, a songwriter, an activist, and it is found in Colombia. Here we are, Juanes,” she said, as the representative of Brazil.

Watch the video:

It is not clear that Anitta’s will make another appearance.

Watch it by clicking below:

On the “One World: Together at Home:

Designed by Lady Gaga, the festival’s “One World: Together At Home,” you will meet a great cast of stars from the music, and celebrities, in an event that is completely online, and you will have the full support of the major platforms of brazilian broadcasting. Stay in touch with the Portal For The Video) to follow up on our coverage!

Check out the full line-up:

(Photo: The Global Citizen)

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