The pills of the week: News stories that you may not be unable to see


Missed some news from the world of cinema this week? Rest assured, we have taken the highlights from the 13th to the 17th of April, to give you up to date on the subject.

Check it out:

. The Enlightened one is going to win the series that is derived by HBO

The classic The shining will turn into a series for the streaming service and HBO’s Max. The dread will take the name of the Overlook, and you’ll explore all the scary stories, of a fictional haunted hotel. The attraction will be produced by Bad Robot, the producer of J. J. Abrams, but it does not yet have a premiere date.

. Cannes film Festival, is not supposed to happen in it’s original form

After being postponed due to the pandemic of coronavirus, the Cannes film Festival, shouldn’t the same happen at the end of June, according to an announcement in the past month. The organizers have stated that you are looking for a new way to the Festival, but dismissed the hypothesis of an event in the virtual world. We’re going to wait!

. Pirates of the Caribbean: the Actor says that the sixth movie could happen to you

Actor Lee Arenberg, who played the pirate Pintel in the Pirates Of the Caribbean, has revealed in a recent interview on the Kendall Talks for a TV that is only one-sixth film in the franchise, it may even be in the discussion for Disney. “They’re definitely talking about it, as far as I know,” Lee said. However, there are still no details about the production.

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. Leonardo DiCaprio gives the role in the film, for those who make a donation

The actors are Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro have all been told that they will randomly choose one fan to have the opportunity to take part in the film, the Murderers of the Moon, the Flowers, the drama was directed by Martin Scorsese, side by side with them. The drawing will take place among those who made a donation to America’s Food Fund, an organization that helps people in need, during a pandemic, the COVID-19.

. Hobbs & Shaw) 2: The Rock talks about the new characters

Yes! According to the actor Dwayne Johnson, the sequel to the spin-off of Fast And the Furious: Hobbs And Shaw would bring in a new character to the franchise, with action. “We created a lot of characters were fantastic, and it is now in the follow-up, we have a few more surprises, and great characters to create,” said the actor. The film hits theaters in 2021.