The Pope prayed for the pregnant mothers and warns of the risk of faith, “virtual”


At the Mass this Friday (17/04), in the Casa Santa Marta in the Vatican city, saint Francis thought of the pregnant women in this time of uncertainty. In his homily, the Pope spoke of the risk of a faith that is gnostic, and without the community, and human contact in real experience only through the software that “viraliza” etc


Francis presided over the holy Mass at the Casa Santa Marta in Vatican city on the morning of this Friday (17/04) the Octave of the feast of the Passover. In the introduction, he addressed his thoughts to the pregnant women:

I would like you today to pray for the pregnant women, for pregnant women who become mothers, and they are very concerned. A question: “what is the world my son will live?” Let us pray for them, to the end that the Lord may give you the courage to take these children out with confidence that it will definitely be a different world, but it will always be a world in which the Lord will love you very much.

In his homily, the Pope commented on the The gospel of the day (Jn 21,1-14), in which the resurrected Jesus appears to the disciples and returned to the sidelines after a fishing infrutuosa at the sea of Tiberias. Asked by the Lord to post it again for the nets, filling in for the fish. It’s a scene, ” said san Francisco – which is natural, because the disciples had been brought up in familiarity with the lord. We, the christians, – he explained –, we are to grow in this familiarity, it is a personal, but a communal one. A familiarity with, and without a community, without Church and without the sacraments, it is dangerous, it can be a familiarity with the gnostic separated the people from God. In this pandemic, he explained – if you would like to communicate via the media, but we are not together, as is the case with this Mass. It’s a very difficult situation in the church is not eligible to participate in the celebrations, and you can only make a spiritual Communion. We are to the end of the tunnel for the back (to be together) because this is not the Church. The Lord was the prayer of the one who had to teach us how this familiarity with the sacraments and with the holy ghost, as the people of God. The following is the text of the homily taken by the holy see (Vatican city) News:

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The disciples were fishermen Jesus had called with a job. Andrew and Peter were working with them. They left their nets and followed Jesus. John and James, and the same thing is no longer with the father, and of the men who worked with them, and they followed Jesus. The call has been made, is itself the work of a fisherman. And this passage from the Gospel of today, this is the miracle of the miraculous catch, leads us to think of another miraculous catch, this, as told by st. Luke, the fifth chapter: and there was the same thing. They did fishing, when you think there will be any). After the sermon, Jesus said, “Take off” – “But we have to work all night and have caught nothing!” – “Go”. “We trust in the word, said Peter, I will let down the nets”. It was such an overwhelming amount (of fish) – it is said in the Gospel that “they were struck with astonishment,” by god the father. Now, in other fisheries it is not spoken of in awe. There is a certain natural way, one can see that progress has been made, a path taken in the knowledge of the Lord, in intimate relation with the Lord; I will say a word, just: the intimacy with the Lord. When he saw this, he said to Peter, “it is the Lord!”, and to Peter, he put on his clothes, and he threw himself into the water, to go to be with the Lord. For the first time, he knelt down in front of Him: “depart from me, o Lord, for I am a sinful man.” At this time it doesn’t say anything, it is more natural to you. No one would ask, “Who are you?” They knew that it was the Lord’s, it was only natural, on the encounter with the Lord. The familiarity of the apostles and with the Lord, that he had grown up in.

We christians, on our journey of life we find ourselves in a state of walking, the progress in intimacy with the Lord. The Lord would say, is a sort of “open source” but “open-ended”, because he walks with us, and we know that it is Him. No one had asked him, then, “who are you?”: they knew that it was the Lord’s. A familiarity of the everyday with the Lord is as a christian. And, of course, have the first meal of the day together with a fish and a loaf of bread, we certainly have talked about a lot of things with ease.

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This is the familiarity of christians with the Lord together as a community. Yes, it’s intimate, it’s personal, but to the whole community. An acquaintance outside of a community, and a familiarity with, and without, the loaf of bread, and a familiarity with, and without the Church, without the people, without the use of the sacraments, it is a dangerous one. You can make a familiarity with, say, gnostic, and personal, only for me to separate the people of God. The familiarity of the apostles, the Lord has always been the community, was always on the table, a sign for the community. It was always with the Sacrament, with a loaf of bread.

I say this because I was reflecting on the danger of the moment that we are living in this pandemic, that has made all of us to comunicássemos also be religiously by the media, including this Mass, we are all reported, but not together in peace together…. The people are small. There are a great people, we’ve been together, but not together…. Also, in the Sacrament, to you, today you will be the celebration of the Eucharist, but the people who are connecting with us, have only a spiritual Communion. And this is not the Church. This is the Church in a very difficult situation, that the Lord permits, but that the ideal of the Church is the people and their Lives. Ever.

Prior to the Passover, and when he came out with the news that I will be celebrating the Easter season at St. Peter’s basilica (the Basilica of St. Peter) is empty, then a bishop, wrote to me, and a good bishop: he’s good, and I reprimanded him for it. “But how is it possible, (the Basilica of) St. Peter’s is so great, why not put it to 30 people, at the very least, to see the people in the group? There won’t be any danger…”. I thought to myself, “But what does that have in mind, to get me to say that to you?” At the time, I didn’t understand. But, as it is a very good bishop, and very close to the people, that is something you will want to tell me.” When you find this, you will ask. Once you get it.

A passage from the homily of Pope Francis

He said to me, “Be careful to not make your promo go viral in the Church, so as not to make your promo go viral, the Sacrament, so as not to make your promo go viral and the People of God.” The Church, the Sacraments, the People of God are to do their job. It is true that at this moment, we have to have this intimacy with the Lord in this way, but the end of the tunnel, it is not to stay there. This is the familiarity of the apostles: “it is not gnostic, it is not viralizada, it is not a selfish one, but a personal and concrete to the people. The intimacy with the Lord in daily life, being familiar with the Lord, in the Sacraments, in the midst of God’s People. They have a way of growing in intimacy with the Lord, we will learn and we will do so as well. From the very first moment, they felt that this familiarity, it was different than what we were expecting, and have come to this. They knew that it was the Lord’s, and we share everything in the community, and the Sacraments of the Lord, and the peace of the party.

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The Lord will teach us that intimacy with Him, and that familiarity with It, but in the Church, the Sacraments, the holy faithful people of God.

The Holy Father ended with the celebration of the sacrament in the adoration, and the blessing of the eucharist, by inviting us to make a spiritual Communion. The following is the prayer recited by the Pope:

All the way to your feet, o my Jesus, I prostrate, and to you I offer the repentance of my contrite heart, which delves into his nothing in Your holy presence. I love the priest in the Sacrament of thy love, the ineffable Eucharist. I desire to receive you into the poor dwelling that my heart offers you; waiting for the happiness of sacramental communion, I wish to have you in the Spirit. “Come to me, o my Jesus, I come to you…. Your love can ignite the whole of my being, life, and death. I believe in you, hope in you. I love you all. The way it is.

Before leaving the Chapel dedicated to the Holy Ghost was chanted, the antiphon marian The “Regina caeli”sung in the easter season:

The queen of heaven, rejoice. Hallelujah!

Because That’s what merecestes bring to your company. Hallelujah!

He is risen, as he said it. Hallelujah!

Pray for us to God. Hallelujah!

D./ rejoice and Be glad, o Virgin Mary. Hallelujah!

C. the Lord is risen, truly. Hallelujah!

Full video of the Mass

Mass with Pope Francis in the Casa Santa Marta – 17.04.2020