The Pope would like to thank the pharmacists for their help, which they give to the patients


The Pope presided at Mass in the Chapel of the Casa Santa Marta in Vatican city on the morning of Thursday (16/04) the Octave of the feast of the Passover. In the introduction, of san Francisco, he directed his thoughts to the pharmacists:

These days, I complain because I forgot to thank a bunch of people who are also working… I was grateful to the doctors, the nurses, the volunteers… But you forgot the pharmaceutical also they have to work in order to help the patient get out of sickness. Let us pray for them.

In his homily, Francis commented on the The gospel of the day (Lk 24,35-48), in which the resurrected Jesus appears to the disciples, scared and full of fear because they thought they were seeing a ghost, and it opens with the intelligence to understand the Scriptures. The joy and could not believe it. To be filled with joy, – noted the Pope – it’s the experience of highest comfort. It is the fullness of the presence of the Lord, that is, the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and it is a blessing. He quoted the apostolic Exhortation of Paul VI, “Evangelii nuntiandi,” that he speaks of in the midst of joy. The great strength of our order to preach the Gospel, and go forth as witnesses to the life, the joy of the Lord, that is, the fruit of the Holy Spirit. The following is the text of the homily taken by the holy see (Vatican city) News:

In those days, in Jerusalem, the people had a lot of feelings: fear, bewilderment, doubt. “In those days, as long as the lame man healed, he did not allow more of Peter and John, all the people, and out of his mind by the awe…”: there is an environment that is not calm, because things happen that you don’t understand it. The Lord appeared to his disciples. Also, they already know that it was the risen lord, including Peter, knew this, because I had just talked to Him this morning. These two had been back on the road to Emmaus knew it, but when have you seen people were frightened by it. “Scared and full of fear, thinking they saw a ghost; to have the same experience that you had at the lake when Jesus came walking on the water. At that time, and Peter, taking courage, went in to the Lord, and said, “If it be thou, let me walk upon the waters.” This is the day Peter was silent, he had spoken with the Lord, in the morning, and from that dialogue, no one knows what was said between them, so it was quiet. But they were full of fear, and in fear, believing to see a ghost. And, he says: “Why are you troubled, and why you have doubts in your heart? “Behold my hands and my feet…”, show them the results. The treasure of Jesus, that He took to the Sky in order to show them the Father, and to intercede for us. “Handle me, and see! A ghost does not have flesh and bones”.

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And then there is a sentence that gives me great consolation, and, as a result, this passage of the Gospel, it is one of my favorites: “they could not believe, because they are very happy”, and they were filled with surprise, joy kept them from believing. So many, that joy, that is, “no, this can’t be true. This is not a joy that is real, and it is too much of joy”. And that they could not believe it. For the joy of it. In the moments of great joy. They were full of joy, but is interrupted by the joy of it. And a joy it is to be one of the votes that Paul has done to her in Rome: “may the God of hope, you become filled with joy,” they said. To fill with joy, and be filled with the joy of life. It is the experience of the highest consolation, that, when the Lord makes us understand that this is different from being a joyful, positive, bright,… No, it’s something else. To be joyful, but filled with joy, with joy to overflowing that it is truly upon us. And this is why Paul, they want it “now may the God of hope, you become filled with the joy of the Romans.

And that word, that phrase, fill them with the joy of it over and over again, many, many, many times. For example, if you are in the dungeon, and Peter saved the life of a jailer who was about to commit suicide because the door was opened by an earthquake, and then he preaches the Gospel, baptizes, and to the keeper of the prison , the Bible says, he was “filled with joy” because it is believed. The same is true of the minister of finance of Candace, when Philip baptized him, had vanished, and he went on his way “full of joy”. The same is true on the day of the Ascension: the disciples returned to Jerusalem, it says in the Bible is “full of joy”. It is the fulness of consolation, and in the fullness of the presence of the Lord.

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Because, as Paul says to the Galatians, “for the joy that is the fruit of the Holy Spirit,” it is not the result of emotions that are born from a wonderful thing… No, it’s more than that. This is joy, this is what we take is the gift of the Holy Spirit. Without the Spirit there can be such joy. It is a grace to receive the joy of the holy Spirit.

See, in my mind, the most recent figures, in the last few paragraphs of the Exhortation, “Evangelii nuntiandi” of pope Paul VI, when speaking of the christians, of joy, of compassion of joy, and not of those who are always on tristonhos. Today is a good day to read it. Filled with the joy of life. This is what the Bible tells us, “But I couldn’t believe it, because they were very, very happy…”, it was so that you didn’t buy it.

There is a passage in the book of Nehemiah, that will help us today with this reflection on joy. The people, having returned to Jerusalem, found the book of the Law, it was found out, again, because they know the Law of color, not found in the book of the Law, a great feast, and all the people gathered together to listen to the teacher. Ezra read the book of the Law. The people moved, he wept, he wept for joy that she had found the book of the Law and cried, was happy, and crying When Ezra the priest finished, he told the people: “Be calm now, don’t cry any more, keep your joy, because the joy of the Lord is the strength of you”.

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This is the word of the book of Nehemiah, we will help you today. The great power we have to transform in order to preach the Gospel, to go forth as a witness of life is the joy of the Lord is a fruit of the Holy Spirit today and ask Him to grant us this result.

The Holy Father ended with the celebration of the sacrament in the adoration, and the blessing of the eucharist, by inviting us to make a spiritual Communion. The following is the prayer recited by the Pope:

My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I love you above all things, and that my soul yearns for You…. But, since I can’t get to You right now in the most Holy Sacrament, come at least spiritually to my heart. I cling to you as if he were with me, I join with You all. “Ah! don’t let it become a part of You!

Before leaving the Chapel dedicated to the Holy Ghost was chanted, the antiphon marian The “Regina caeli”sung in the easter season:

The queen of heaven, rejoice. Hallelujah!
Because That’s what merecestes bring to your company. Hallelujah!
He is risen, as he said it. Hallelujah!
Pray for us to God. Hallelujah!
D./ rejoice and Be glad, o Virgin Mary. Hallelujah!
C. the Lord is risen, truly. Hallelujah!