The song YNW Melly asks for help to Kanye West, while awaiting trial, jailed


YNW Melly makes a call to your co-worker Kanye-West-in-search-of-help.

One of the most popular songs of the YNW Melly of all time is “Mixed Personalities”, which features the legendary Kanye West. The two had been working together in the studio for only a few months before the straight of Florida, to be arrested and charged for the double murder of two of his friends.

Even though they don’t seem to have had more than a few sessions in the studio, and Melly is doing his best to get out of the jail after testing positive for the COVID-19. It was decided that, if the district court denying his release, and he shall take other means.

YNW Melly came in on Twitter last night with a plea for public help, sending him to Kanye West in a tweet, the unique shows, such as the star of doom and gloom. “@kanyewest in need of help from the Dm,” wrote the rapper in the last 20 years.

Melvin didn’t make it clear about what he needed to do to help. However, many of his fans believe that he is asking for it in the West, that is to use his friendship with Donald Trump, one more time, making sure that it can be released to the aguardas of his judgment in the house when it comes to the COVID-19. After all, Kanye West talked with Trump about the situation with the A$AP Rocky in this country.

In other news related to the rapper’s incarceration, his health condition seems to have remained the same since last week, as he still has severe symptoms that are related to the coronavirusesincluding shivering and high temperature.

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