The star of ‘Spider-Man’ it is said that the purchase of the Disney prevented that a film of the Sinister Six to happen to — Day of Rio


The star of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Dane DeHaan believes that the Disney purchase of the franchise is prevented in a movie, Sinister Six to happen.

The Sinister Six are a group of super-villains appearing in the comic books, Spider-Man, dating back half a century ago, but it still didn’t show up on the big screen.

Talking to Collider in a new interview, DeHaan said that the Six could have been the subject of a future film in the Spider-Man costume, if Disney hadn’t taken control of Spider-Man, and Tom Holland has taken on the lead role. )

In the interview, DeHaan said that it was “obvious” that one movie, Sinister Six and he was on his way, “before all things Disney and Marvel”.

Spider-Man: Far From Home
Spider-man: Far from Home


“I think it’s obvious that they have been preparing for a situation of that kind the Sinister Six,” he said. “We spoke about it certainly do to all this before all the stuff from Disney and Marvel to happen. But I can’t say I know specifically what it is going to be.

“I just know that it’s definitely there would be an element of Sinister Six. And, you know, at least in the Human, if not for Harry We would be in any way involved. ”

In other news, Spider-Man, and Michael Mando, the actor who played Scorpion in the Spider-Man: Homecoming has he gave them to understand that the character could still return to the franchise .

In spite of a scene that lead to the alter-ego of Mac Gargan the Scorpion is planning to take down Spider-Man at the end of the Home the main character is not returned by the last record of the summer’s record-breaking Spider-man: Far from Home .

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