The vatican: This is not a time for selfishness, says Pope


The church – 16/04/2020 – 10:00 pm

Pope Francis devoted himself to his usual message of Easter, and before the blessing, ‘Urbi et Orbi’ to the victims of the Covid-19, a warning about the risk of “indifference” to the plight of the poor.

Pope Francis devoted himself to his usual message of Easter, and before the blessing, ‘Urbi et Orbi’ to the victims of the Covid-19, a warning about the risk of “indifference” to the plight of the poor.
“Now, I think, above all, in how many of you were affected either directly by the coronavirus: those who are ill, those who have died and to the relatives who mourn the departure of their loved ones, often without being able to even tell you the last good-bye,” he said from the altar of the Confession in St. Peter’s Basilica, in an intervention, transmitted to millions of people all over the world.
The hiv pandemic has forced many changes in the celebration of easter this year, at the Vatican, in the absence of a meeting with the St. Peter’s Square-Closed, – not to go to the balcony of the Basilica to be blessed in the city and to the world.
“This is not a time for indifference, because the whole world is subject to, and must be attached to the face of the pandemic. The risen christ gives hope to all the poor people who live in the slums, the refugees and the homeless,” said Francis.
In his speech, the pope recalled, in particular, the elderly and people living alone, people who work in nursing homes or will live in the barracks and in the prisons, and in the “terms and conditions of personal vulnerability” in the face of the possibility of contamination by the new coronavirus.
The Pope prayed for the nurses and doctors who give you a testimony of the kindness and love of others, even to the extreme of the forces, and, at times, even to the sacrifice of one’s own health, as well as for all those who are working to ensure that all the essential services required by society, and the forces of law and order and the military.
Not to be left alone and the brothers and sisters, the most fragile, that are found in the cities and the suburbs in all parts of the world. Do not give them leave to be lacking in the basic necessities are harder to find now that many of the activities have been finished, as well as the drugs, and, above all, the ability of a health care the required.
The Pope has argued for the relaxation of international sanctions, to which all member States could come to the rescue with “the greatest need of the present time, as well as a reduction or even a cancellation of the debt of the poorest countries.
The message warned of the possibility of ressurgimentos of “selfishness” and the nationalist, in a message to the European Union, and whereas, the current challenge posed by the response to the pandemic is going to determine your future.
“You don’t miss out on this opportunity to give a new proof of solidarity, including by using innovative solutions. As an alternative, we are left with only the selfishness of personal interests and the temptation of a return to the past,” he warned.
I would encourage all people who have a political responsibility to take an active role in the interest of the general welfare of the citizens by providing them with the means and tools necessary to enable all to live a good life and be encouraged as soon as the circumstances permit the resumption of daily activities and usual”.
Francis pointed out that, for many, staying at home, due to the measures of social isolation, “it has been a time to reflect, to stop, to the rhythms of the frantic of life, and to stay with your loved ones and enjoy their company.
The intervention began with the easter greetings and the announcement to mark the celebration of the Sunday in the Catholic Church: “Jesus Christ is risen”; “risen indeed”!”.
“As a new flame has been kindled by the Good-news in the evening, at night, in a world that is already struggling with the challenges of epocais, and is now afflicted by the pandemic, which poses a severe test of our one large human family,” he said.
The Pope presided over the holy Mass of Easter Sunday in the Vatican Basilica, prior to delivering the message of easter.

This is not a time for selfishness, it’s the challenge that we face unite us all, and does not make any distinction between people. Among the many areas of the world affected by the coronavirus, I think, especially in Europe. After World War II, this beloved Continent, was able to rise again thanks to the spirit of concrete solidarity, which enabled it to overcome the rivalries of the past. It is very urgent, especially in the present circumstances, and that such a role does not return to power; on the contrary, they all recognize themselves as part of a family and support each other. Now, standing in front of the European Union’s challenge of the season, that will depend on not only their future, but also from all over the world.

Pope Francis