The women of Minas Gerais to do a homage to Lady Gaga’s at the Time, the lighthouse this past Sunday


For the next Hour to the lighthouse on the air this Sunday (the 19th), you will be rewarded with a “Dance Kitten” is a tribute to Lady Gaga’s very special, straight from Minas Gerais, a city in which women are in the majority! On the stage, and with the better climate and to be with Naiara Azevedo.

Naiara Azevedo, who sings the successes of the region’s inhabitants at the Sunday Show in the Photo: Antonio Chahestian/Record TV

Faro is in the “City of Women.”

On Sunday, the tv presenter, Rodrigo Faro will be familiar to you from close by to the local community of the Bride of the Lamb, in the state of Minas Gerais, where almost all the living women. For the distribution of the population rather unusual, the tiny village has won, then to national and international fame!

Once there, the presenter will discover how the day-to-day of them, share your tasks, and deal with the activities typically assigned to men.

In this way, the Faro took the opportunity to make you a surprise. one “is Going to give you a Dating special straight out of the “City of Women” because some women complain about the lack of partners available in the region.

In the end, the presenter, has a “Dancing Cat” into the community, to the tune of “Bad Romance”, the-diva, Lady Gaga, and the dancers and the costumes that are equal to those of the king. The Faro will be in the company of one of the women from the Bride of the Lamb, Keila “Her” Fernandes, a contestant on the american star during the day, and drive a tractor.

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Naiara Azevedo’s help, the mustachioed taxi

Rodrigo Faro and called on the country Naiara Azevedo a mission: to help you During mixed martial arts, a taxi driver, who, in addition to being a singer, it still has a defining feature that sets them apart from the other drivers: his mustache!

The newcomer is known by the user from the cab of a Rio de Janeiro Whiskers, such as Cosimo came to be known, is a rt: a 62 year old who has suffered a major blow: the trust of a friend, the driver, lost everything they had, including the apartment in which he lived with his wife and daughter. So don’t miss the fun – as usual!, Faro will surprise the driver, and it also appears that “mustachioed” in order to invite you to participate in the program.

The Chance of the emergence of life

On the stage at the Time of the Lighthouse, During get the chance you need to make a shift in your life. The moustache will have to do a hard proof so that you can earn the rewards that you so much need.

In the meantime, the owner of the hit song “50 dollars”, gives a strength to the poor, and you take the chance to sing songs. Whiskers, who also loves her voice, he promises to have some fun while you listen to the songs of the artist is to live and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere both before and after they rise to the challenge.

Time, the lighthouse is presented by Rodrigo Faro, and it will air on Sundays from 15: 15.

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