This girl has recreated the looks of Ashley Tisdale in the year 2000


Sharpay Evans, is that you? Lol!

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The year 2000 was one of the most defining periods in fashion. Baby trend is a little bit controversial, which is remembered to the present day, a decade ago, transformed styles such as pants with low waist, overlapping the top of the handle, with the mother on the show, and the secret deck on to the big time.


Among the celebrities who played in the style of the time, it is Ashley Tisdalethat drew a lot of attention on the red carpet and the event High School Musicalthe production , which brought life to the character Sharpay Evans. Who remembers it? And, thinking of the recall of one of the phases, the most iconic of the look of the actress she’s british Ellie Addis, 19-year-old has posted a series of photos on her Twitter account, with outfits inspired by the clothes worn by the artist in the year 2000.

If you were a fan of the HSMyou’ll probably remember some of the looks from Ashley. The scarf or scarf at the neck they were the trademarks of the show. And how to forget the mask is for sleeping, which served as a hair accessory? The boots, Ugg and spare parts and accessories with sparkle also, were the items that stood out.

“The trend of the 2000s is going to be successful in the recent past, and it has influenced in a certain way, the way I like. It’s funny to look at all the different productions that people were using during the last decade, and I thought it would be fun to pick up the look of some of the celebrities of the time, to re-create it. And, in my opinion, She is the queen, she had to be in itfor, “ said She in an interview with the Teen Vogue.

What do you think about the trends that are bombavam in the year 2000?