Travis Scott you should do a live show on Fortnite


An event within a Fortnite, which was leaked recently, it may be a show with Travis Scott.

It seems that a collaboration between Him, Scott, and Fortnite is greater than we might have previously thought. Some of the leaks in the event of Fortnite’s happened in the last few days, by pointing to something going on in the world map of the game. Of course, many assumed that it had something to do with the end of the current season of the game. Very little has been revealed about the event, in addition to the code-name for the playlist: Jerky.

More information coming soon, including the one I iFireMonkey, on the grounds that he has been able to charge for the event. According to him, the circle closed up in a Sweaty Zombie. Right now, we have another clue that points to an event in the exact location that you iFireMonkey expected. There is a poster that shows a music note in a circle. This drops you directly at the pier of a Sweaty Zombie.

All of this points to a show in a Sweaty Zombie, not just a customer. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a skin of Him for Scott to be added to and later removed from the files of the game, Fortnite. It was not a great leap to imagine that to Him, Scott would be doing a show on Fortnite, in a Sweaty Zombie – like Marshmello made in the Pleasant Park. The information was pretty much confirmed when they found the new files for an event from the Travis Scott. By the end of his song, ‘HIighest In The Room, it can also be heard in the game.

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The show-of-Marshmello was surprisingly fun, and a performance by the always-full-of-energy-of-Travis-Scott, it would be awesome. The players will have to look elsewhere for a event at the end of the season, but at least we will be able to see Travis Scott in during the quarantine.