Ultimatum is more of a tragic past this memory in the Marvel comics


Fans of the Marvel comics, is still trying to cope with the death of Tony Stark, the Iron Man. The fact that the tragic happening at the end of the Upcoming Deadline.

However, after turning on the MCU, the universe of film from the Marvel comics, they are going to let your death even more tragic. A new memory has worsened the situation further.

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Pepper Potts is the wife of Tony Stark in the Marvel comics, is the character most affected by that death. Right now, a big fan of Marvel comics, he showed how the situation will be even more difficult for her.

“Someone reminded me that after Tony died, and Jim had yet to see the cards of the fans of the “Iron Man”, and now I’m sad,” wrote a fan. See below for the.

In the MCU, Iron Man was one of the few heroes who has revealed the identity to the public. So, in this universe, the character received much love from the fans.

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One lap of the Iron Man in the MCU is really going to happen. The directors, Joe and Anthony Russo have made it clear that the demise in Avengers: Ultimatum is the definitive.

In addition, the contract of Robert Downey Jr. you would have gotten away with in the Marvel universe. And with that, he should pursue a career in other productions at the theater.

A single turn as possible, at the moment, it would be in the animation: What If..? (And…?). In the drawing, it will explore the pathways to be chosen from the MCU.

Robert Downey Jr. you can be playing the character, and in a timely manner. Actor Jeff Goldblum, who lived to the Grand Master, has said that it is going to happen.

The Chief, however, you need to confirm it.

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The avengers: Deadline, is available on Amazon Prime Video.