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The said Cardinal Odilo Scherer, the celebration of the easter Vigil, on the night of Saturday, may 11

Cardinal Scherer presides over easter Vigil mass in the chapel of the Seminary of Theology of the Good Shepherd (Photo: Luciney Martins/SAO PAULO, brazil)

On the evening of that Saturday, the 11th, Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer, Archbishop of São Paulo, presided at a solemn easter Vigil mass in the chapel of the Seminary of Theology of the Good Shepherd, in Art.

Considered to be the “mother of all vigils”, the celebration of the announcing of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Due to the measures of social isolation, as recommended by the authorities to curb the growing pandemic of a new coronavirus, the church has had the participation of the people, and was broadcast by the media.

Also, for this reason, the liturgy of the mass has been made easier. At this time, there was the blessing of the new fire, as usual. But, the Paschal Candle, a sign of the Risen christ, was illuminated, and presented solely for the chorus: “Behold, I am the Light of the Christ.”

This was followed by the solemn proclamation of Easter, with the traditional song of the Precônio Pascal, in one of the verses says: “and In the splendour of this night which saw the rising of Jesus from the sepulchre, and glory: the victory of the Cross!”


At the conclusion of this year, it was proclaimed one of the seven readings from the Old Testament, which tell the story of the salvation of the people of Israel, but the three of them.

In the first reading (Gen 1,1-26.31 (a) the story of the creation of the world and of man and woman in the image and likeness of God.

“This is read as a poem that speaks of the wonders of God’s creation. God has blessed us with the creation, he saw that it was good,” said Odilo, remembering, too, that the psalm is chanted, soon followed by (103) “we are asking God to send the holy Spirit-creator, now and always renew itself in the face of the earth.”

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On the second reading of (Gen 22,1-2.9, 10 to 13.15 to 18) reminds us of the scene from the God who asks Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. However, the patriarch of the jewish people, was saved by God who sent the lamb to be sacrificed in the place of the child. Gift of christian life, noted that such a sacrifice is a picture of the sacrifice of Christ, the lamb of God, offered to the Father for the salvation of mankind.

With the passage of the children of israel through the Red Sea as told in the book of Exodus (Ex 14,15-30–15,1 it was the third reading of the proclamation at the easter Vigil. This is the passage from slavery in Egypt to freedom, and this is a picture of our Baptism. We pass through the waters of Baptism to reach out for the freedom of the sons of God,” says the lord.”


It was then recited and the hymn of praise “Glory to God in the highest,” and the candles on the altar were lit up by the light of the Paschal Candle. After that, it was proclaimed in the reading of the New Testament (Romans 6,3-11), in which the Apostle St. Paul says: “Through Baptism into his death we were buried with him, so that, just as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also take on a new life.”

After reading this book, a Gift of christian life, intoned solemnly “the Star”, the acclamation is omitted throughout the whole of the forty days of Lent, and is now announcing the proclamation of the Gospel of the Resurrection (Mt 28,1-10), which tells of the encounter of the Risen lord to the women who followed him.

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In his homily, Cardinal Scherer emphasized that the resurrection is not a fact to go back to that life, but the manifestation of the glory of God in the person of Jesus christ. The Resurrection is part of the mystery of God involves the whole of our existence, which is so special of Jesus Christ to the world. He has been with us, extending to us his hand, he is the Son of the living God, Our Lord and savior,” he said.


This year, there have been no baptisms at the easter Vigil, only in the renewal of our baptismal promises. “You have finished the exercises of the Lenten season, and renewed on the inside, in our arrangements to live as a good christian, in faith and in conversion, a willingness to follow Jesus Christ, and to persevere in good, in justice, in living out the beatitudes, we are called to renew the promises of our Baptism,” said Odilo.

“By Baptism, we are part of the new life of the risen christ, the grace that we get to have the gift of being children of god,” said the Cardinal.

“We are united with Jesus, are called to live a new life, not according to the sin, according to the old man, but in the light of the risen Christ and witnessing to it with our lives,” urged the Archbishop.


At the end of the mass, the holy father has expressed his wishes for Easter and it motivated everyone to keep up with a lot of happiness and faith, which is the largest party, the christian, in keeping with the mass, which will be broadcast this Sunday, the 12th, for our parishes and communities.

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Referring to the statement, “I Believe in the communion of Saints,” made a profession of the catholic faith, a Gift of christian life, noted that this is the communion of the whole Church, in heaven and on earth. “Even though our churches are empty, we are in union with the whole Church together around Christ through his love,” he said.

On this Easter Sunday, Cardinal Scherer is chairman of the mass at 7 am broadcast, and at 11, which have been transmitted by the radio station On July 9 and the page of the roman catholic Archdiocese in the Facebook.

Easter Vigil Mass In 2020

The Paschal vigil presided over by Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer (Photo: Luciney Martins / SAO PAULO, brazil)

The Paschal vigil presided over by Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer (Photo: Luciney Martins / SAO PAULO, brazil)

Easter Vigil Mass In 2020