WEEK 20: the DJ Martin Garrix presents the online with live-feed, and web users have commented that it’s only Manu Gavassi know it, check it out!


Internet users urged to Boninho put on Your Lipa, also in the line-up of attractions for the next party

Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa (Play Internet)

In the early morning hours of this Saturday (the 18th), the name of that DJ committee Martin Garrix you came to the Trending Topics on Twitter. The reason for Martin to have been so much discussed in Brazil, is that it has been placed in the line-up of attractions for the celebration the WEEK of 20 who has had a number of national attractions, that if you had to live in their homes with a direct drive to the inside of the house, the most watched in Brazil.

A curious fact is that it seems like the only Manu Gavassi got to know the DJ, and she was very excited when he saw it, the netizens commented on the matter. Martin Garrix is very well-known in the music imternacional, it is one of the biggest names in electronic dance music, home to hits such as “In the name of love,” featuring Bebe Rexha and “Scared ” to be lonely” with Two Lipa.

While we’re on the Dua Lipa, the fans Manu Gavassi asked Boninho get Your Lipa also, you should be able to by the artist to the british show for the WEEK, for the live broadcast. Two, she is the hit of the moment, “Don’t Start Now’, overwhelmed within a WEEK.

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